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  1. Covid-19 is apparently less lethal but more contagious than the Sars coronavirus.

    How wide the spread of COVID-19 might actually be

    The mortality rate of the new coronavirus has been lower than SARS, but the nature of the virus suggests that it might be moving faster and ...
  2. Insight Japan doll maker 2

    The village with dolls but no children – and Japan’s existential crisis

    ​​​​​​​Its population ageing and declining, Japan must let go of some of its deep-set traditional values – if it wants to avoid an economic crisis.
  3. Riot police try to disperse protesters in Hong Kong's tourism district Nathan Road on July 7, 2019.

    What lies ahead for Hong Kong, a city on edge

    Protests may not be unusual in Hong Kong, but with the gulf between its government and people never more evident, Insight examines where the city ...
  4. Thailand is the first Southeast Asian country to legalise the use of cannabis for medical purposes.

    Promising or harmful? A debate ensues after Thailand legalises medical cannabis

    Is the tide of opinion turning? Is Southeast Asia becoming soft on the war on drugs? And what do the recent trends mean for Singapore? The ...
  5. Insight Hong Kong 1

    Hong Kong's brain drain: Why its young are losing hope and leaving

    Is the city about to lose its best and brightest as it did during the 1997 handover? The programme Insight looks at two key reasons some of them ...