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  1. Illustration of a man with his record collection

    Learning life lessons from The Beatles and Kit Chan while I'm stuck at home

    CNA Lifestyle’s Circuit Breaker Diaries series features musings on Singapore life in the time of coronavirus. Here, someone decides to rearrange ...
  2. Life In 90s Singapore: The rise and fall of being AWOL

    Five boys living out rock star dreams in Singapore – until reality came crashing

    My Singapore Life is a CNA Lifestyle series about coming of age in the Lion City. This week, the rise and fall of a band called AWOL.
  3. Year end 2020 look back CNA Lifestyle  Hero

    From face masks to Zoom: How our lifestyles changed in the year of the pandemic

    From the most unlikely fashion accessory to being glued to any kind of screen, here’s a quick look at how this year's pandemic has completely ...
  4. Mickey Mouse selling satay and Donald Duck selling prata

    How Mickey and Donald came to sell satay and roti prata thanks to some Singaporeans

    From fanning the satay sticks to using angklung music, the creators behind Disney’s ongoing video series Mickey Go Local made sure everything was ...
  5. best christmas song list john denver and the muppets CNA Lifestyle

    Yuletide playlist: The 12 best versions of popular Christmas songs

    Christmastime is here – time to crank out the tunes to get in the mood. But whose version of what song do you add to your playlist? Let the ...