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  1. Social media influencers hired by MOF for Budget 2018

    Commentary: What you get if you drink the Kool-Aid of social media marketing

    The Ministry of Finance’s move to tap on social media influencers has drawn the attention of Singapore’s online community – and there are lessons ...
  2. Copmosite Logan Paul Zoella PewDiePie

    Commentary: YouTube stars make bad role models and it’s all our fault

    YouTube star Logan Paul has drawn sharp criticism over his callous video showing a dead body, but there are deeper lessons to be learned about ...
  3. Prince Charles Orchid

    Commentary: Prince Charles’ orchid and the art of diplomatic gift-giving

    What’s in an orchid? What goes into deciding what diplomatic gift is appropriate and would an honour by any other gesture smell as sweet?
  4. Woman in Hanbok in Buchon

    Seoul Discovery: Visiting the South Korean capital

    What this high-energy city has in store might surprise you.