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  1. SEAB 2

    Commentary: Parents, don’t shy away from a competitive education system

    The Ministry of Education's announcement of fewer tests has been applauded by many parents, but one hopes it doesn’t lead them to abdicate from ...
  2. Distinctive HDBs (8)

    Commentary: Strong political commitment to housing is precisely what younger Singaporeans need

    The Government’s commitment to long-term planning shown at this National Day Rally will be needed to continue the work of town redevelopment, and ...
  3. mother child

    Commentary: 'Super mums' have one simple request. Don’t hinder them from returning to work

    Mothers like Rahayu Mahzam, who seems to be on top of it all, should spur us to think about how to support mums who want to return to work, says ...
  4. Thai cave rescue boys England shirt

    Commentary: Praise for a heroic Thai cave rescue, but time to let the boys return to their normal lives?

    The Thai SEAL team divers and authorities deserve applause for this odds-defying mission but it’s time to let the boys go back to their lives.
  5. Gaya - Inuka last days 14

    Commentary: What next after our outpouring of polar bear grief?

    News of Singapore’s last polar bear Inuka’s passing was met with an outpouring of emotion on social media but it should spur us to take a deeper ...
  6. DMUI petrol attendant 12

    Commentary: Tackle inequality by moving from emotion to action

    Reactions to the story of 77-year-old petrol pump attendant Mohamed Yasin suggest we have some way to go in tackling inequality, says Channel ...
  7. Malaysia's largest state has gone to the polls in an election that poses a test for a ruling

    Political fatigue hits some Johor voters ahead of Malaysian general election: Study

    In the lead-up to Malaysia’s general election, experts say voter fatigue could be a factor in the bellwether state.
  8. elderly man wheelchair senior

    Commentary: Laugh at enrolling in ElderShield at 30? It should be sobering news

    Ageing and disability are challenges we all have to confront, so there’s good reason we should be invested in the ElderShield review, says Channel ...
  9. Singapore boring

    Commentary: Don’t need a survey to judge if Singapore is exciting

    Time Out’s 2018 City Life Index placing Singapore as second least exciting in a ranking of 32 cities has gotten netizens all riled up. Channel ...
  10. A man walks past a Singapore Airlines signage at Changi Airport in Singapore

    Commentary: Singapore Airlines doesn’t deserve our online hating

    While netizens have reacted strongly to news involving Singapore Airlines in recent months, Channel NewsAsia’s Lin Suling suggests we keep our ...