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  1. Reuters Peter Apps screengrab

    Commentary: Covering the world, paralysed from the shoulders down

    When Reuters columnist Peter Apps woke up paralysed from shoulder down after an accident 12 years ago, he felt like his life was over. Today, he ...
  2. Chinese troops on exercises in Kyrgyzstan. President Xi Jingping has urged the PLA to step up

    Commentary: China and Russia gear up on war games to send a message

    China's and Russia's heightened military posturing is part of a much wider diplomatic and propaganda strategy, says one observer.
  3. A member of the Afghan security forces keeps watch at the site of an attack in Kabul

    Commentary: 17 years later, the new face of an old war in Afghanistan

    If the Afghan government can win its current battle, the war may finally begin to show tentative signs of success, says one observer.
  4. Russia's President Vladimir Putin listens while US President Donald Trump speaks

    Commentary: Few surprises at historic summit, as world grows used to Donald Trump

    But there is a growing worry that US President Donald Trump’s approach may be the vanguard of a new generation of populists who care little for ...
  5. The head of Sweden's Civil Contingencies Agency said the country, while safer than many, must

    Commentary: Why neutral, peaceful Sweden is preparing for war

    Countries in Europe are reconsidering their defence postures – increasing military spending and reintroducing National Service, says one observer.
  6. Markets have been spooked by Donald Trump's warning that his historic summit with Kim Jong Un

    Commentary: Little sleep lost if Trump-Kim summit in Singapore is delayed

    All sides have relatively desperate wants and a vested interest in keeping the diplomatic process going but none really want to give up much while ...
  7. A South Korean soldier walks past a television screen showing pictures of US President Donald Trump

    Commentary: Ahead of summits with North Korea, all sides remain on different pages

    Even a pause in escalation would look like victory, but questions remain ahead of the summits between South Korea, North Korea and the US, says ...
  8. Russia launch from sub

    Commentary: The missile that can hit any place on earth and the new arms race

    With dramatic investments in long-range weaponry, the world may be heading towards a disconcerting balance of terror, says one observer.
  9. Donald Trump (2)

    Commentary: In replacing Rex Tillerson, the US president shapes policy, energises base ahead of midterm elections

    US President Donald Trump is in charge - and he's clearly finding his feet, with this latest move in replacing Rex Tillerson as Secretary of ...
  10. The recent Russian military drills in Crimea involved warships, aircraft and tanks, with Moscow

    Commentary: Russia’s hybrid war broadens with more ambitious efforts

    Russia’s annexation of Crimea was just a start in its efforts to weaken and undermine powerful Western countries, says one observer.