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  1. Nipaporn Tuk, Blue Jasmine

    A chef’s journey from rural orphanage to head of a high-end hotel restaurant

    Nipaporn Doungiaisantisuk did not know it then, but being sent away to live in an orphanage was the first step towards a culinary career far from ...
  2. Best steaks Singapore

    Craving beef? These steak at home meals should satisfy your yearnings

    Missing your favourite steakhouse? No problem. Singapore’s finest grill shacks are bringing their impeccably cooked meats right to your doorstep.
  3. Meta Restaurant Singapore Korean comfort food COVID-19

    From Michelin-starred cuisine to Korean comfort food and home-style classics

    In times like these, people crave comfort. So Sun Kim, the chef-owner of Meta, now offers a taste of his native home for patrons to enjoy in theirs.
  4. Mother's Day takeaway Singapore

    Mother’s Day takeaways: Lavish meals to spoil Mum with, even if you are apart

    This weekend, feed mum well with everything from rustic chicken casseroles and binchotan-grilled wagyu to Fujian-style crab meat fried rice, ...
  5. Chef Rishi Naleendra

    How this chef turned obstacles into opportunity, one spicy dish at a time

    Rishi Naleendra was about to open Singapore’s first Sri Lankan restaurant. Then COVID-19 hit. But with clever thinking, this Sri Lanka-born chef ...
  6. Multinational cuisine Singapore

    Around the world in 7 dishes – without leaving the comforts of home

    While you’re staying safe at home, a taste of far flung lands is but a dish – and a phone call, text message or mouse click – away.
  7. Singapore restaurants face grim reality

    Even with public support, your favourite restaurants face a grim reality

    In the age of safe distancing and belt tightening, Singapore's F&B industry says it is hanging by a thread. Is there light at the end of the tunnel?
  8. Michelle Tan (right) and her husband Eugene enjoying Bartolome Island in the Galapagos

    Stranded in Ecuador: How a Singaporean couple slowly found their way home

    The Galapagos Islands was on Michelle Tan and her husband’s bucket list. They never imagined there would be a bigger (and difficult) experience ...
  9. Ben Fatto 95 - Lee Yum Hwa

    How this Singaporean came to make pasta ‘as good as an Italian grandmother'

    A Singaporean face might not be what you expect as the emblem of meticulously hand-crafted pasta. Yet private dining chef Lee Yum Hwa has carved ...
  10. Chef Ace Tan

    This Singaporean chef wants to usher in a new age of Asian cuisine

    Restaurants all over Asia look to the western world for inspiration and technique, but why not plumb the depths of culinary treasures that Asia ...