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Simon Poh

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. FILE PHOTO: Office workers at Raffles Place

    Commentary: Budget 2021 and how Singapore’s tax system is changing for the better

    Amid Singapore’s challenging fiscal position, tweaks to some taxes may be needed but the bigger shift to tap on private monies may be the ultimate ...
  2. Private apartment blocks - file photo

    Commentary: GST hike unavoidable, will probably take place in 2023

    A GST hike has been on the cards for some time. We should also expect further tax increases, possibly stamp duty increases, after the pandemic ...
  3. US President Donald Trump says Mexico has to "step up to the plate" and crack down on

    Commentary: Who cares if US President Donald Trump pays only US$750 in taxes?

    On the back of news of Trump's tax returns last week, NUS Business School Professor Simon Poh discusses why paying taxes matter.
  4. Malaysia GST

    Commentary: Hard truths, tough choices ahead after Malaysia’s scrapping of the GST

    Malaysia’s move might lead to growth in the long term but it cannot escape a widening fiscal deficit in the short term which has knock-on effects ...