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  1. Korea kim siblings

    Commentary: Imagine a North Korea without Kim Jong Un. Here’s why you can’t

    Kim Yo Jong has risen as a potential successor amid rumours of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s health problems. Even so, little suggests much ...
  2. A nearly empty shopping district in Seoul, South Korea, Feb. 26, 2020. A vast majority of Chinese t

    Commentary: South Korea has been exemplary. Even then, it hasn’t slayed COVID-19

    South Korea’s coronavirus management should give Europe, North American and other parts of the western world a sense of foreboding, says Steven ...
  3. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

    Commentary: The perfect storm for a COVID-19 outbreak lies in North Korea

    A COVID-19 outbreak in North Korea will be disastrous, but the bigger tragedy is that the world may never know that it happened, says Steven Borowiec
  4. People wearing masks after the coronavirus outbreak wait in a line to buy masks as a government off

    Commentary: Explosion in COVID-19 cases - was South Korea just unlucky?

    South Korea has seen a surge driven by a super-spreader event involving a secretive religious sect. With some luck, however, public health ...
  5. South Korea wuhan virus

    Commentary: Coronavirus – Where should Koreans evacuated from Wuhan stay?

    As the South Korean government brings back 700 of its citizens from Wuhan, more needs to be done to calm the fears of other citizens, says Steven ...
  6. Cleaners spray disinfectant at Seoul's Incheon international airport after South Korea

    Commentary: Allowing employees to work from home can help South Korea manage the Wuhan virus

    In a risk-averse culture, government and businesses may have difficulty acting quickly to ensure business continuity while protecting the ...
  7. Composite picture of Qasem Soleimani, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un.

    Commentary: As Iran-US drama plays out, North Korea leader Kim Jong Un takes notes

    To Kim, the Iran crisis underscores how vital nuclear weapons are to the hermit kingdom and how important patience is in playing the long game, ...
  8. Asian office workers at a communal table

    Commentary: Complying with a 52-hour work week cap should not be this hard

    Three in five firms in South Korea have found it hard to meet the new legislation, which kicked in last year and aimed to tackle the country’s ...
  9. K-pop star Sulli, a former member of the all-girl band f(x) had experienced online bullying

    Commentary: Who really killed South Korea celebrity Sulli?

    Is South Korea’s caustic obsession with celebrity to blame for the early demise of another young starlet? Steven Borowiec discusses the ...
  10. Seoul World City prize

    Commentary: What happens when a megacity shrinks? It's Seoul's fate come 2020

    The South Korean city may lose its megacity status next year. A city with fewer people can be challenging but that is a future to be confronted ...