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  1. Screengrab of Yang Jin-ho abusing his employee

    Commentary: South Korean workers have been bullied for far too long

    The new law that mandates punishment for South Korean companies found to have unfairly demoted or fired workers who are harassed while on the job ...
  2. FILE PHOTO: U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un meet at the Korean Demi

    Commentary: Right now, it must feel good to be Kim Jong Un

    The North Korean leader has achieved a level of international acceptance his father and grandfather never enjoyed, all without having to get rid ...
  3. Seungri, a member of South Korean K-pop band Big Bang, arrives to be questioned over a sex bribery

    Commentary: BIGBANG Seungri’s sprawling scandal brings sexual misconduct secrets into the light

    Beyond being merely another shady case of rich men behaving badly, BIGBANG Seungri’s sex scandal has spurred reflection on what kind of society ...
  4. Shuhua Gidle no make up

    Commentary: 'Are you sick?' Why more South Korean women are doing away with cosmetics

    More women in South Korea are challenging old notions of having to keep up with appearances, says Steven Borowiec.
  5. New Content Item

    Commentary: North Korea has been angling for sanctions relief, but surely this wasn’t what they were expecting

    US President Donald Trump’s lifting of some sanctions came as a surprise to the North Koreans, says Korean politics commentator Steven Borowiec.
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    Commentary: BIGBANG’s Seungri’s sex scandal and the end of K-pop’s innocence

    A series of high-profile sex scandals and other offences has rocked the South Korean music industry, but will the reckoning be enough to provoke ...
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    Commentary: Trump emerges from summit having stood firm

    Trump didn’t rush into an uneven deal and was able to avoid accusations that he fell for Kim Jong Un’s charm, but faces a tougher road ahead, says ...
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    Commentary: Here’s how Trump can avoid getting outmanoeuvred in second summit with Kim Jong Un

    If the US is prepared to be flexible, calling off the US-South Korea military drills could be a massive carrot, says Steven Borowiec.
  9. BTS 2019 season's greetings

    Commentary: How world sensation BTS took K-pop fandom to a whole new level

    BTS has basked in recognition from abroad, including the English-speaking world, a rare achievement for an Asian act, says Steven Borowiec.
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    Commentary: North Korea in 2018, a year of turning over a new leaf or worldwide gullibility?

    As someone who lives on the Korean Peninsula, the past year has brought a welcome change to the tenor of life here, says Steven Borowiec.