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  1. South Korean women participating in a protest to urge tech giants including Google, Youtube,

    Commentary: Sexual harassment in South Korea exposes hypocrisy and culture of intimidation

    The epidemic of sexual harassment in South Korea has reached fever peaks this week. One commentator discusses the sexual misconduct allegations ...
  2. Asia Default Image

    Commentary: Beneath the Trump-Kim meeting lies greed, fear but also hope of recognition

    US President Donald Trump’s meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will be watched closely but we should be careful to temper our ...
  3. Asia Default Image

    Commentary: IMF's bitter medicine brought South Korea growth, but also inequality

    Ripples from intervention by the IMF in the Asian Financial Crisis continue to this day - leading to a divide in many South Korean workplaces, ...
  4. Asia Default Image

    Commentary: Winter Olympics reveal the embarrassing gap between North and South Korea

    Recent developments at the Pyeongchang Olympic Games including the backlash over the Women's ice hockey team has shown how huge the gap is between ...
  5. victor cha

    Commentary: Victor Cha dropped as pick for Seoul envoy? Highly unnerving for Asia

    That a key contender was dropped because of his views does not bode well for developments on the Korean Peninsula and US foreign policy toward ...
  6. Asia Default Image

    Commentary: 2018 a year to reckon with the North Korea threat

    North Korea has shown more determination than ever to accelerate its nuclear programme. It's only a matter of time before it's too late for a ...
  7. North Korean women face a stark choice of oppression at home or sexual slavery if they try to

    For North Koreans, the decision to defect is the start of a long, alienating journey

    Recent dramatic footage show a North Korean defector dashing across the border while being shot at. Yet the real challenge begins after he crosses ...
  8. Trump in Korea

    Commentary: Trump’s visit to South Korea highlights an alliance that runs deeper than personality

    South Korea President Moon Jae-in and US President Donald Trump, two distinct personalities, find common ground during the latter’s visit to South ...
  9. Asia Default Image

    Commentary: Widening gap, fewer flashes of connection, with US travel ban on North Korea

    The US travel ban on North Korea will greatly reduce the personal interactions North Koreans have with Americans. Steven Borowiec discusses what ...