Biography of the Author Tim Weiner

Tim Weiner

Tim Weiner is a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter. His books include Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA.

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  1. US President Donald Trump started his day with more criticism of special counsel Robert

    Commentary: Mueller now one step closer in long road to prosecuting Donald Trump

    The evidence could one day put Donald Trump in jail when the US President leaves office, Pulitzer prize winner Tim Weiner says
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    Commentary: Firing Comey won’t make Russia probe vanish, but it will have consequences for Trump

    "We seem to be watching Watergate in fast-forward," says Pulitzer Prize-winning author and reporter Tim Weiner.
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    Commentary: Revealing sensitive intelligence to Russia crosses a dangerous line

    In giving sensitive intelligence to the Russians, Trump has done considerable damage to his own intelligence service and the security of the US, ...