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  1. Mummy Soh's One Kind House
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    Mummy Soh's One Kind House

    Meet former school teacher Mummy Soh, 75, one of Singapore’s top Airbnb Experiences hosts – and the one-of-a-kind house that gave her a new lease ...
  2. IMH painter 13

    In a mental ward for nearly 35 years, he paints old Singapore from memory - and he dreams

    A talented artist as a child, Sim Kah Lim's horizons abruptly shrank when he was warded as a teenager with schizophrenia. But he never lost his ...
  3. (ry) sanny 1

    Social network founder turns champion for exploited farmers in Indonesia

    Three months after the launch of farm-to-home app RegoPantes (or “fair price”), farmers are already seeing their income nearly double. Is this the ...
  4. (ry) Bang Jack (5)

    Car park attendant's gift of a school, to children too poor to afford it

    Poverty forced Undang Suryaman to drop out of school. Now, he wants to give every child in his village the education he couldn’t afford - even if ...
  5. VHR CNY duck two

    Two CNY dishes to impress your guests: Celestial duck and fried chicken skin pancake

    While everyone else is making the obligatory pencai or roast pork, here are two traditional - but unique and seldom-made - recipes that will make ...
  6. VHR CNY tang bee leng 6

    Can you spot the ‘fake’ mushroom? A homecook’s pro tips on shopping for Chinese New Year delicacies

    From why waxed meat isn’t actually waxed, to choosing the right fungus, 67-year-old blogger Tang Bee Leng gives a Chinatown crash course on ...
  7. Bee Leng's 8-treasure celestial duck: A unique Chinese New Year recipe
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    Bee Leng's 8-treasure celestial duck: A unique Chinese New Year recipe

    Forget the usual roast or stewed duck this Chinese New Year - learn how to make this stuffed version that's a beloved family recipe. More ...
  8. How to buy Chinese New Year delicacies
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    How to buy Chinese New Year delicacies

    Is waxed meat really waxed? What should to include in your reunion dinner to possibly bring luck? If you find shopping for traditional Chinese New ...
  9. Bang Jack's schoolhouse
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    Bang Jack's schoolhouse

    He's a parking attendant who never studied beyond elementary school. But he and his wife are the reason hundreds of poor kampung kids can hope for ...
  10. (am) The farmers' tech hero
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    The farmers' tech hero: Giving power back to Indonesia's exploited

    Cheated by middlemen, many small farmers in Indonesia live in debt. Until this man developed a way to change their lives - with an app. Read more ...