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  1. Divers turn heroes in the aftermath of Gili islands earthquake
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    Divers turn heroes in the aftermath of Gili islands earthquake

    After the devastating Aug 5, 2018 earthquake in Lombok, Indonesia, terrified tourists fled en masse. But not Singaporean instructor Tay Suyi and ...
  2. gili Singaporean Suyi clean up

    Gili island quake: The Singaporean girl who stayed put to help

    Ignoring the dangers, dive instructor Tay Suyi and other foreigners helped the injured and stayed behind to clean up and rebuild, even as ...
  3. (dn) Mummy Soh Airbnb main

    The house that gave Mummy Soh, 75, new lease of life as an entrepreneur

    She hosts dinners and conducts cooking classes under Airbnb Experiences, and maintains an open-door policy for people to enjoy her home, all for ...
  4. (dp) Women's prison main

    Inside the women’s prison: Empathy, rigour and help to turn inmates' lives around

    Prison officers are not only inmates' warders, but also a listening ear and source of counsel. CNA Insider gets an unprecedented look at life ...
  5. Changing lives, inside the women's prison
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    Changing lives, inside the women's prison

    "They can be murderers or drug addicts, it doesn't matter, our job is to just render help when needed". Beyond batons and pepper spray, the prison ...
  6. Mummy Soh's One Kind House
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    Mummy Soh's One Kind House

    Meet former school teacher Mummy Soh, 75, one of Singapore’s top Airbnb Experiences hosts – and the one-of-a-kind house that gave her a new lease ...
  7. IMH painter 13

    In a mental ward for nearly 35 years, he paints old Singapore from memory - and he dreams

    A talented artist as a child, Sim Kah Lim's horizons abruptly shrank when he was warded as a teenager with schizophrenia. But he never lost his ...
  8. (ry) sanny 1

    Social network founder turns champion for exploited farmers in Indonesia

    Three months after the launch of farm-to-home app RegoPantes (or “fair price”), farmers are already seeing their income nearly double. Is this the ...
  9. (ry) Bang Jack (5)

    Car park attendant's gift of a school, to children too poor to afford it

    Poverty forced Undang Suryaman to drop out of school. Now, he wants to give every child in his village the education he couldn’t afford - even if ...
  10. VHR CNY duck two

    Two CNY dishes to impress your guests: Celestial duck and fried chicken skin pancake

    While everyone else is making the obligatory pencai or roast pork, here are two traditional - but unique and seldom-made - recipes that will make ...