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  1. IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde has never served as a central banker, but has been praised

    Commentary: The race to be next IMF chief will be settled with a gentleman's agreement

    While the political jockeying is well under way, the IMF has to content with the assumption that there will be an open and merit-based selection ...
  2. Screenshot of a rap video made for Osaka's G20.

    Commentary: Can the G20 in Osaka find the right beat to a hard conversation?

    Summits are too often harshly judged on what they deliver now rather than the agenda set for the future, says Lowy Institute's Mike Callaghan.
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    Commentary: Ivanka Trump for World Bank president?

    Over the 75-year history of the World Bank, its president has always been an American, says one observer.
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    Commentary: Don't wait for a global recession to take trade war threats seriously

    Concerns over the impending trade war should have been taken seriously, but it’s not too late – to do nothing, says one observer.
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    Commentary: The TPP deal that almost wasn’t

    It’s important to keep the flame for global trade agreements and liberalisation alive, yet Canada almost scuttled the Trans-Pacific Partnership ...