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  1. primary school students

    Commentary: Parents need not fear getting ready for the first day of school

    Perhaps instead of stressing about the first day of school, parents should celebrate it, says Annie Tan.
  2. Baby drinking milk

    Commentary: Do parents really need a confinement nanny?

    While costly for many, good confinement support can alleviate “mum guilt” and help new mothers prioritise self-care and recovery, says Annie Tan.
  3. PSLE results 2018 students 2

    Commentary: What I would tell my 12-year-old self about PSLE results

    A checkpoint rather than an endpoint, PSLE is not the high-stakes life-changing event that will make or break one’s career and life, says mum ...
  4. Indoor plants for your home

    Green living: 10 indoor plants that will flourish despite small spaces and low light

    Bring nature indoors – these hardy plants will change your living space into a lush green healing sanctuary.
  5. How to throw an instagram-worthy dinner party

    How to throw an Instagram-worthy dinner party

    Your cheat sheet to hosting the most photogenic dinner of the year without breaking the bank.
  6. Experience kampong life in Sarawak Malaysia

    Enjoy the laidback beauty and charm of Sarawak, Malaysia

    Stripped of modern conveniences and creature comforts, Sarawak offers overwhelmed urbanites a tech and city detox.