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  1. Kitchen hot pots stove

    Buyers' guide: 8 time-saving kitchen gadgets for parents 

    Thanks to technology, you can spend more time enjoying a meal with your loved ones and less in the kitchen.
  2. Funny names baby

    Unique or tongue twisting? It can be a fine line when naming your child

    You may think you're differentiating your child from the Michaels and Michelles but could you be doing him a disservice instead?
  3. Theme park hacks (Legoland Malaysia)

    How to survive a trip to a theme park with the kids

    A visit to an amusement park is a lot of fun for kids – and really stressful for parents. Here are some hacks to make it a memorable trip for ...
  4. baby sleep

    8 biggest sleep mistakes new parents make and how to avoid them

    Avoid these common sleep blunders in your baby’s early months and everyone will enjoy more restful days!
  5. Naps to no naps tips

    Naps to no naps: 9 tips to ease the transition

    Having trouble dealing with a cranky tot who has missed his afternoon siesta? Solve junior’s naptime issues with these tips.
  6. Exercise spartan kids

    Is my kid too fat?

    Are you facing up to the fact that your child is, erm, fat? What should you do about it?
  7. File photo of kids reading books

    7 ways parents can instil good study habits

    Are your kids always procrastinating? Wise up to ways to get them to finish their homework and improve their grades!