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    Commentary: Proud to be a Brit despite Brexit

    Trouble in Europe makes it a great time to be British, says John Lloyd.
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    Commentary: No, Brexit Britain doesn't want its empire back

    Commentaries on Britain's impending Brexit suggest it yearns for days of imperialism - this cannot be further from the truth, says one observer.
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    Commentary: What if populism fails?

    Failure by the populist parties who have taken their countries by storm could be catastrophic and leave millions of their supporters embittered ...
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    Commentary: Beware the culture warriors of social media

    Voices on social media are becoming more inappropriate and more extreme, warns one observer.
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    Commentary: 'We first', from Brazil to Bosnia, the divisive politics of confrontation

    Using popular support to right old wrongs, real or imaginary, putting their part of the people first, last and always, means that the elections of ...
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    Commentary: The US no longer leader of the free world

    Instead of taking his own advice, US president Donald Trump is insulting allies, lauding controversial leaders, and putting America at risk, says ...
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    Commentary: Where football both provokes and calms tribalism, the politics of World Cup fever

    Football like in the World Cup can play a part in politics, affects politicians whose fate can rise or fall depending on the performance of their ...
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    Commentary: Why Hungary may close one of Europe’s top-ranking, richest universities

    Europe’s views increasingly reflect that of Hungarian leader Viktor Orban, who is both strategically tenacious and visionary, but stands for ...
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    Commentary: Why Vladimir Putin is still genuinely popular in Russia

    Vladimir Putin’s landslide victory is a mystery to the west but Russia faces some tough economic challenges in the road ahead, says one observer ...
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    Commentary: Theresa May is right to stay, for now

    Battered by the UK election results and facing a more divided electorate, governing the UK and negotiating Brexit will not be easy. But it doesn't ...