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  1. Deutsche bank employees in London

    Commentary: Deutsche Bank’s bankers were alienated from their jobs

    Disloyalty is so embedded at investment banks that the habit is hard to break for both sides, says the Financial Times' John Gapper.
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    Commentary: Premier League wins by creating room at the top for football clubs

    England’s top division shows how to triumph in the age of global sports, says the Financial Times' John Gapper.
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    Commentary: Do not fear flying on the Boeing 737 MAX 8

    Despite crashes, fly-by-wire software has made aircraft safer by reducing pilot error, says the Financial Times' John Gapper.
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    Commentary: Huawei is the casus belli for a broader US-China showdown

    Numerous charges have been levelled at Huawei but none as damaging as the underlying complaint that Huawei helps China to spy.
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    Commentary: How Apple’s iPhone lost its lustre

    Apple's iPhone setback marks the passing of a golden age of smartphones, says the Financial Times' John Gapper.
  6. (na)Economy class seats in SIA's Boeing 787-10

    Commentary: The future of flying is in non-stop flights

    Qantas’s direct service from Australia to London shows what air passengers value, says one observer from the Financial Times.
  7. Steve Jobs Theater

    Commentary: Apple Park and the trouble with modern workplaces

    It is pointless to build tech campuses like Apple Park and make people hot-desk, says the Financial Times’ John Gapper.