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  1. Governments around the world are grounding Boeing 737 Max aircraft or barring them from their

    Commentary: Do not fear flying on the Boeing 737 MAX 8

    Despite crashes, fly-by-wire software has made aircraft safer by reducing pilot error, says the Financial Times' John Gapper.
  2. Huawei's global image has been further shaken by a slew of criminal charges filed in the US

    Commentary: Huawei is the casus belli for a broader US-China showdown

    Numerous charges have been levelled at Huawei but none as damaging as the underlying complaint that Huawei helps China to spy.
  3. FILE PHOTO: Apple staff hold iPhone X packages at the Apple Store in Berlin

    Commentary: How Apple’s iPhone lost its lustre

    Apple's iPhone setback marks the passing of a golden age of smartphones, says the Financial Times' John Gapper.
  4. (na)Economy class seats in SIA's Boeing 787-10

    Commentary: The future of flying is in non-stop flights

    Qantas’s direct service from Australia to London shows what air passengers value, says one observer from the Financial Times.
  5. Steve Jobs Theater

    Commentary: Apple Park and the trouble with modern workplaces

    It is pointless to build tech campuses like Apple Park and make people hot-desk, says the Financial Times’ John Gapper.
  6. File photo of Uber CEO Kalanick speaking to students during an interaction at IIT campus in Mumbai

    Commentary: Travis Kalanick is not ethical enough to steer Uber

    Silicon Valley may have enabled a cult of personality among start-up founders to thrive. But with all this chaos at Uber, the best way forward is ...