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Terence Heng

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  1. Authors own - Terence Heng - Sea Burial – Scattering Flowers before Ashes

    Commentary: The dead need a place too in land-scarce Singapore

    A recent Channel NewsAsia documentary highlighted Hong Kong’s dilemma in housing the dead. Terence Heng discusses similar challenges facing ...
  2. (sl) cemetaries 1

    Commentary: Cemeteries should be more than where the dead reside

    In land-scarce Singapore where taller columbaria have replaced cemeteries that used to take up large tracts of land, the University of Liverpool’s ...
  3. Returning Da Shi Ye, the King of Ghosts, to the underworld

    Commentary: Finding filial duty, spiritual charity in Hungry Ghost Festival rituals

    Roadside offerings spring up and people burn paper effigies. Terence Heng explores the deeper meaning behind these practices of the seventh month ...
  4. A Hong Kong couple after their wedding in Australia on 11/11/11

    Commentary: Getting married in an era of consumerism

    Marriage registration fees may have gone up but they are not nearly as much as what couples spend on their wedding. Terence Heng discusses what ...