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  1. Mooncakes illustration

    Commentary: The mooncakes we buy speak volumes about ourselves

    Like many Chinese cultural objects, mooncakes contain numerous symbolisms. What does their marketing and consumption tell us about ourselves today?
  2. FILE PHOTO: Outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Singapore

    Commentary: COVID-19 online shaming and the harm it can cause

    Global lockdowns have generated increased friction online, where individuals troll, shame and dox others through social media – how right are we ...
  3. A bride and her dress at home, as solemnisations prepare to go virtual.

    Commentary: Virtual solemnisation - weddings could return to basics, with opportunities and challenges

    "Here comes the bride … I’ll send a like." As Singapore works towards enabling remote solemnisation, sociologist Terence Heng discusses what is ...
  4. A fridge. (Photo: Unsplash/Dickey Jiang)

    Commentary: Lockdown and isolation sound simple – but keeping people at home is no easy answer

    There is a difference between physical isolation and social isolation, says Terence Heng.
  5. People wearing protective masks look at a phone as Italy battles a coronavirus outbreak, in Florence

    Commentary: Please don’t shout ‘coronavirus’ at people

    It’s not just COVID-19 that’s making people act poorly - our underlying need to control death is equally to blame, says sociologist Terence Heng.
  6. Wedding

    Commentary: Getting married at year’s end is a Battle Royale

    Netizens are quick to pour scorn on bridal couples who take things too seriously, overspend or become obsessed with creating a perfect day. But is ...
  7. New Content Item

    Commentary: The wild world of pre-wedding photoshoots

    A bridal photoshoot at a cemetery in Kluang, Malaysia has sparked debate about whether a line was crossed in that chase towards the most ...
  8. Taking Obituary Photos and the Difference between Death and Dying

    Commentary: Taking obituary photos and the difference between death and dying

    People don’t like to talk about death, and that shows when families grapple with how to take Ah Ma’s obituary pictures, Terence Heng.
  9. Authors own - Terence Heng - Sea Burial – Scattering Flowers before Ashes

    Commentary: The dead need a place too in land-scarce Singapore

    A recent Channel NewsAsia documentary highlighted Hong Kong’s dilemma in housing the dead. Terence Heng discusses similar challenges facing ...
  10. (sl) cemetaries 1

    Commentary: Cemeteries should be more than where the dead reside

    In land-scarce Singapore where taller columbaria have replaced cemeteries that used to take up large tracts of land, the University of Liverpool’s ...