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Terence Heng

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. A fridge. (Photo: Unsplash/Dickey Jiang)

    Commentary: Lockdown and isolation sound simple – but keeping people at home is no easy answer

    There is a difference between physical isolation and social isolation, says Terence Heng.
  2. People wearing protective masks look at a phone as Italy battles a coronavirus outbreak, in Florence

    Commentary: Please don’t shout ‘coronavirus’ at people

    It’s not just COVID-19 that’s making people act poorly - our underlying need to control death is equally to blame, says sociologist Terence Heng.
  3. Authors own - Terence Heng - Sea Burial – Scattering Flowers before Ashes

    Commentary: The dead need a place too in land-scarce Singapore

    A recent Channel NewsAsia documentary highlighted Hong Kong’s dilemma in housing the dead. Terence Heng discusses similar challenges facing ...