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Edward Luce

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Biden

    Commentary: First 100 days show Joe Biden to be surprisingly radical

    But in some ways there is less to Biden’s radicalism than meets the eye, says the Financial Times’ Edward Luce.
  2. Biden

    Commentary: Biden’s big fiscal gamble on America’s future

    Biden's ambitious bills risk over-interpreting the times, says the Financial Times’ Edward Luce.
  3. FILE PHOTO: Former U.S. President Donald Trump speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conferen

    Commentary: Trump’s grip on US Republicans is still growing

    Donald Trump looks likely to hang around for an opening back into US politics, says the Financial Times’ Edward Luce.
  4. APTOPIX Biden

    Commentary: Joe Biden’s quietly revolutionary first 100 days

    Through a mix of luck and experience, Biden’s opening spell has been the most accident-free of any US president in recent memory, says the ...
  5. Electoral College Protests

    Commentary: The nightmarish end to Donald Trump’s presidency

    There are deep concerns about what the US leader may do in his remaining two weeks, say the Financial Times' Edward Luce.
  6. Election 2020 Biden

    Commentary: Biden risks being a lame duck president if he wins

    Should he win, Joe Biden could be caught between two irreconcilable forces – a stubbornly entrenched Trumpian right and an embittered Democratic ...
  7. Election 2020 Trump

    Commentary: A bitter US election that resolves little

    Whatever the result, America’s divisions will make governing very hard, says the Financial Times’ Edward Luce.
  8. Many backers of US President Donald Trump expressed support for his plan to nominate a new justice

    Commentary: US Supreme Court ready to battle Biden if Trump loses 2020 election

    In a tight electoral count where Biden had won the popular vote, another court “selection” could break its legitimacy, says an observer.
  9. Pictures of the Week in North America Photo Gallery

    Commentary: The case for re-electing Donald Trump

    US President Donald Trump has largely been true to his word on foreign policy, says the Financial Times’ Edward Luce.
  10. Washington George Floyd protest

    Commentary: George Floyd's death and the rising spectre of a race-based US election

    George Floyd’s dying words, “I can’t breathe”, serve as a metaphor for a society choking on its increasingly toxic politics, says the Financial ...