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Peh Shing Huei

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  1. Asia Default Image

    Commentary: Five Ts to observe China in 2017

    Author Peh Shing Huei offers five new signposts to observe China in the new year: Trump, Tsai, tension, trade and transition.
  2. China Singapore

    Commentary: The new normal of Singapore’s relations with China

    The death of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, a muscular China and the South China Sea dispute are pushing Sino-Singapore ties into a new chapter.
  3. China table tennis gold medallists

    Commentary: Why China dominates table tennis

    The answers lie in a British filmmaker, Chairman Mao and a hippie American.
  4. Sun Zhengcai, Chongqing Municipality Communist Party Secretary, chats with China's Vice Premie

    Commentary: Intrigue in Chongqing again before leadership reshuffle

    How will Sun Zhengcai’s removal as Chongqing party boss impact Beijing and Singapore? Peh Shing Huei explores the intrigue behind the sudden ...