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Pilita Clark

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Nap sleep hammock

    Commentary: These firms giving staff more time off should be applauded

    Leaders are signalling that they understand burnout as a serious side-effect of the pandemic, no matter where people work, says the Financial ...
  2. The pandemic of work from home injuries

    Commentary: The looming minefield of working from home

    Today’s employment laws were written for a world of work that may never be the same again, says the Financial Times’ Pilita Clark.
  3. Colleagues in the office

    Commentary: Why saying no can make you indispensable at work

    Agreeing to every request is the first mistake to avoid, says the Financial Times' Pilita Clark.
  4. Man standing in front of office buildings

    Commentary: Who do employers choose to hire if every applicant seems qualified for the job?

    Amid a tide of retrenchments, hiring is all the more challenging with the deluge of applications swarming in, says the Financial Times’ Pilita Clark.
  5. slack phone laptop

    Commentary: Excessive Slack messaging has made work more taxing

    Messaging apps like Slack splinter communication when companies need it more now than ever, says the Financial Times’ Pilita Clark.
  6. Work from home tips table

    Commentary: Getting ahead in the office while working from home

    In these troubled economic times, it is not fine to relax, says the Financial Times’ Pilita Clark.
  7. The spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Germany

    Commentary: In COVID-19 captivity, my urge to splurge is over and won’t be returning soon

    COVID-19 is changing the way we spend money, if we even spend much of it at all, says the Financial Times' Pilita Clark.
  8. A man taking using the Zoom APP at home

    Commentary: How not to be a Zoom bore

    The etiquette of video conferencing is still sadly a work in progress. Obeying these 10 rules can help you nail your Zoom meetings, says the ...
  9. Working home bed

    Commentary: The battle over office leave has been worsened by the coronavirus

    Annual leave rosters were always a nightmare to devise but now they have become impossible, says the Financial Times’ Pilita Clark.
  10. FILE PHOTO: New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern speaks during a joint press conference at Admiralty H

    Commentary: No room for BS in the time of coronavirus

    Speaking clearly and honestly in a COVID-19 crisis cuts through the guff, says the Financial Times' Pilita Clark.