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Crystal Lim-Lange

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. woman boss

    Commentary: How to give feedback to your boss without getting into trouble

    Giving leaders feedback builds stronger teams but do it in a positive manner requesting for support, says Crystal Lim-Lange.
  2. Students attending a class at a primary school

    Commentary: Want to raise a responsible child (or nation)? Create a safe space first

    Singaporeans need a mindset of radical ownership to thrive in the fourth industrial revolution, says Forest Wolf’s Crystal Lim-Lange and Dr Gregor ...
  3. zoom call

    Commentary: Do you really want to work from home forever like some Twitter employees can?

    What are some ways to figure out if remote working permanently is for you? Forest Wolf’s Crystal Lim-Lange and Gregor Lim-Lange give their take.
  4. Office workers at Raffles Place (1)

    Commentary: Career Mobility is the new Career Stability

    Long gone is the notion that the ideal CV has a narrow, vertical progression, says Forest Wolf’s Crystal Lim-Lange.
  5. Colleagues in the office

    Commentary: Don’t waste Budget money. Here’s how to stretch your SkillsFuture dollars

    Retraining shouldn’t be this painful, so capitalise on the SkillsFuture movement to transform how you work, says Crystal Lim-Lange.
  6. Graduates in a time of disruption

    Commentary: COVID-19’s education revolution - where going digital is just half the battle

    Educators, parents and students have to find a way to use this outbreak to reimagine education, including what and how our kids learn, says ...
  7. Office workers walk around the financial business district in Singapore

    Commentary: How COVID-19 has forced employers to be more human – and rewards them in the process

    The COVID-19 pandemic will force a rethinking on how firms approach to human capital, says Crystal Lim-Lange.
  8. secondary school students Singapore

    Commentary: The fear of failure cannot help Singapore reach our best

    Singapore comes in second on the OECD PISA rankings but are we missing the forest for the trees in our fixation on such metrics? Crystal Lim-Lange ...
  9. university graduation

    Commentary: How to sabotage your child’s future – five dangerous notions about life, careers and education

    The most dangerous notions about education come from the people who have the most influence over the future of our youth yet have the least idea ...
  10. Students wait in line to enter the University of California, Berkeley's electrical engineering

    Commentary: What 2019’s graduating jobseekers need to know – four recession-proof strategies

    Don’t despair in the maze of finding a job. Graduates need to believe that they have something valuable to contribute to the world, says Forest ...