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  1. Demonstrators look into their mobile phones at the site of the protests against the extradition bil

    Commentary: Hong Kong has become less of a financial centre prize for China

    Shanghai and Shenzhen no longer consider Hong Kong as an indispensable ally, but a competitor, says the Financial Times' Henny Sender.
  2. FILE PHOTO: Small toy figures are seen in front of a displayed Huawei and 5G network logo in this i

    Commentary: The US-China contest is a race towards 5G domination

    A report for the Pentagon warns that the US is behind in developing the latest technology and in setting global standards for 5G, the Financial ...
  3. A Gojek driver rides his motorcycle through a business district street in Jakarta

    Commentary: Go-Jek and Grab’s two competing visions are knocking heads in Asia

    “We want to be underfunded,” Go-Jek’s co-founder Nadiem Makarim said. 
  4. The CCDI is headed by Wang Qishan, widely considered to be Xi's top lieutenant

    Commentary: Wang Qishan, enforcer and 'best premier China never had'

    In the lead-up to the 19th Chinese Community Party Congress, Wang Qishan is emerging as a key player with formidable experience, strong economic ...
  5. Japan office workers

    Commentary: Japan questions working habits, in quest for economic growth

    Long hours, overworking and Japan's work culture are issues that the Japanese workforce and policymakers have to grapple with in Japan's quest for ...