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Henny Sender

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Jack Ma, co-founder of ecommerce titan Alibaba, had stood to become Asia's richest man via Ant

    Commentary: China’s decision to halt Ant Group’s giant IPO has bigger implications

    China is a battleground in which the vested interests of the old economy spar with those of the new, says the Financial Times’ Henny Sender.
  2. Hong Kong Skyline

    Commentary: China's tensions could boost Hong Kong's stock exchange

    HKEX’s next chief will have to manage a tricky relationship with Beijing, says the Financial Times’ Henny Sender.
  3. Commercial and residential property prices in Hong Kong have been fuelled by an influx of money from

    Commentary: Have Hong Kong's bloated property giants had a change of heart?

    The widening focus of Hong Kong’s protests highlights the stasis of a sector out of step with the times, says the Financial Times’ Henny Sender.
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    Commentary: Hong Kong has become less of a financial centre prize for China

    Shanghai and Shenzhen no longer consider Hong Kong as an indispensable ally, but a competitor, says the Financial Times' Henny Sender.
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    Commentary: The US-China contest is a race towards 5G domination

    A report for the Pentagon warns that the US is behind in developing the latest technology and in setting global standards for 5G, the Financial ...
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    Commentary: Go-Jek and Grab’s two competing visions are knocking heads in Asia

    “We want to be underfunded,” Go-Jek’s co-founder Nadiem Makarim said.