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  1. US President Donald Trump called his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping  his "friend" but

    Commentary: The Hong Kong Act complicates world’s most important relationship

    US President Donald Trump’s signing of the Hong Kong Act ensures the territory will be yet another long-running irritant in the two countries’ ...
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    Commentary: Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s steely leader meets her match

    The flood of protests has forced the Hong Kong chief executive to retreat from a serious blunder, say the Financial Times' Tom Mitchell and ...
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    Commentary: Xi Jinping is readying China for a long, brutal trade war

    Chinese president’s state apparatus could help him to outlast Trump, says the Financial Times' Tom Mitchell.
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    Commentary: Trump had a chance for leverage over China but blew it

    US businesses are still counting the costs of withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, says the Financial Times' Tom Mitchell.
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    Commentary: Careful not to humiliate China in trade negotiations

    The US push to ditch support for China's state-owned enterprises is one red line that countries should be careful not to cross, says the Financial ...
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    Commentary: Huawei charges are killing prospects of a US-China trade deal

    This perfect storm will evoke bitter memories for China’s top negotiator as he arrives in Washington, says one observer at the Financial Times.
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    Commentary: Xi Jinping, China's new revolutionary hero

    This Communist Party of China leader and Chinese president has revealed enough in his first term and in the ongoing 19th Party Congress to offer ...
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    Commentary: For China's next five years, 'only Xi Jinping is indispensable'

    Having strengthened the Chinese Communist Party, the president will use the 19th Party Congress to cement his position further. But Xi Jinping's ...
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    Commentary: Why Chinese state companies are getting the Communist party's attention

    Party committees are springing up in many state-owned enterprises. The Chinese Communist Party see this as a prerequisite for state-sector ...
  10. The CCDI is headed by Wang Qishan, widely considered to be Xi's top lieutenant

    Commentary: Wang Qishan, enforcer and 'best premier China never had'

    In the lead-up to the 19th Chinese Community Party Congress, Wang Qishan is emerging as a key player with formidable experience, strong economic ...