Biography of the Author Tom Mitchell

Tom Mitchell

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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    Commentary: The Hong Kong Act complicates world’s most important relationship

    US President Donald Trump’s signing of the Hong Kong Act ensures the territory will be yet another long-running irritant in the two countries’ ...
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    Commentary: Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s steely leader meets her match

    The flood of protests has forced the Hong Kong chief executive to retreat from a serious blunder, say the Financial Times' Tom Mitchell and ...
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    Commentary: Xi Jinping is readying China for a long, brutal trade war

    Chinese president’s state apparatus could help him to outlast Trump, says the Financial Times' Tom Mitchell.
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    Commentary: Trump had a chance for leverage over China but blew it

    US businesses are still counting the costs of withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, says the Financial Times' Tom Mitchell.
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    Commentary: Careful not to humiliate China in trade negotiations

    The US push to ditch support for China's state-owned enterprises is one red line that countries should be careful not to cross, says the Financial ...
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    Commentary: Huawei charges are killing prospects of a US-China trade deal

    This perfect storm will evoke bitter memories for China’s top negotiator as he arrives in Washington, says one observer at the Financial Times.