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  1. Grab offers a host of services, including food delivery and bill payments

    Commentary: Isn’t Grab’s cash advance scheme a loan programme?

    Grab’s new cash advance programme raises many questions - with good reason, says Jonathan Chang.
  2. A private-hire driver.

    Commentary: Road safety and the case for regulating private-hire car operators

    The recently passed Point-to-Point Passenger Transport Industry Act was long overdue. Authorities should look at private-hire car operators’ ...
  3. Shopback held a Facebook live stream in November 2018.

    Commentary: Beyond loans and grants, Singapore entrepreneurs should seek out equity investments to grow their companies

    The venture capital world pays close attention to which start-ups get investments from the who's who of the investment world, says NUS ...
  4. Bukit Panjang NTUC hawker

    Commentary: Can the real social enterprise hawker centre please stand up?

    Social enterprise hawker centres must not forget that hawkers are their key beneficiaries, says Jonathan Chang.
  5. New Content Item

    Commentary: Grab, the new ruler in town, and the paradox of scaling a business

    Grab's experiences show that scaling a business should be guided by a spirit of entrepreneurship that seeks to add value, says one observer from SMU.
  6. New Content Item

    Commentary: Airbnb can’t be Robin Hood, it must obey Singapore’s ‘house rules’

    Airbnb’s business model runs up against Singapore property laws, and yet the company has partnered with social organisations. SMU Lien Centre for ...
  7. Budget 2018 file - people paying items 1

    Commentary: Make social impact a qualifying condition for Govt grants

    Where innovation to transform society is needed, businesses, especially those receiving government grants and assistance, should be key partners, ...
  8. Bloomback's repurposing flower initiative (1)

    Commentary: The understated importance of shared social responsibility for businesses

    Corporations must step up, serve a social purpose and make a positive contribution to society, says the executive director of the Lien Centre for ...
  9. Orchard Road Christmas

    Commentary: Hustling, the skill social entrepreneurs must learn

    As the retail sector takes advantage of this festive season to make money, Lien Centre for Social Innovation’s executive director says social ...
  10. New Content Item

    Commentary: The power of Singapore's social entrepreneurs in a profit-driven world

    More Singaporeans are turning to social entrepreneurship to address society’s most pressing issues, and rejuvenating the call to help the less ...