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Jonathan Chang

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. grab shields

    Commentary: Is trouble brewing in Grab paradise?

    Grab’s announced layoff of about 360 staff members suggests a rougher ride ahead, but people are hoping the company will weather the COVID-19 ...
  2. Composite photo of WeWork, Uber, Grab and Airbnb

    Commentary: Multibillion-dollar wizards – how COVID-19 is exposing what’s behind the curtain

    Platform giants should be thriving where the coronavirus have pushed consumers and merchants to embrace e-commerce, yet many are laying off staff, ...
  3. A Grab delivery rider wears a face mask

    Commentary: If we can share or hitch rides, why not food delivery?

    Amid calls to lower commission fees, food delivery apps should rethink their business operations – including considering asking some consumers to ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: Employees of Traveloka are seen working at the company's headquarters in Jakarta

    Commentary: The future is Asian but can Singaporeans lead it?

    Exposure to ASEAN, China and India will give Singaporeans an edge in a world of disruption and the comparative advantage in those markets with a ...
  5. ithermo detects temperatures of people as they walk by 3 (1)

    Commentary: Disruptive tech is coming for COVID-19 threat, but needs more funding

    Artificial intelligence has shown a potential to be a game-changer this coronavirus outbreak. We must double-down on such investments, says ...
  6. New Content Item

    Commentary: Isn’t Grab’s cash advance scheme a loan programme?

    Grab’s new cash advance programme raises many questions - with good reason, says Jonathan Chang.
  7. A private-hire driver.

    Commentary: Road safety and the case for regulating private-hire car operators

    The recently passed Point-to-Point Passenger Transport Industry Act was long overdue. Authorities should look at private-hire car operators’ ...
  8. Shopback held a Facebook live stream in November 2018.

    Commentary: Beyond loans and grants, Singapore entrepreneurs should seek out equity investments to grow their companies

    The venture capital world pays close attention to which start-ups get investments from the who's who of the investment world, says NUS ...
  9. Bukit Panjang NTUC hawker

    Commentary: Can the real social enterprise hawker centre please stand up?

    Social enterprise hawker centres must not forget that hawkers are their key beneficiaries, says Jonathan Chang.
  10. New Content Item

    Commentary: Grab, the new ruler in town, and the paradox of scaling a business

    Grab's experiences show that scaling a business should be guided by a spirit of entrepreneurship that seeks to add value, says one observer from SMU.