Biography of the Author Ruth Smalley

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Ruth Smalley

Journalist at CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Meeting people when she volunteers in the neighbourhood helps Sara to de-stress.

    ‘If I say I’m poor, there’s someone poorer’: Struggling mum of 4 finds time to help others in pandemic

    ComCare recipient Sara has had to stretch her budget to feed her children, while managing to do volunteer work in her neighbourhood. She tells her ...
  2. Burning out, but wildlife rescuer isn't giving up
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    Burning out, but wildlife rescuer isn't giving up

    “For the first time in 10 years, I felt too tired to go out and rescue animals."  In 2020, Kalai and his team at Animal Concerns Research and ...
  3. He lost his income, then sank into depression. Now this exotic dancer is fighting to get back on track
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    He lost his income, then sank into depression. Now this exotic dancer is fighting to get back on track

    Syazwan had a stable income as a freelance exotic dancer. But when the pandemic shut down bars and nightclubs, it also took away the biggest ...
  4. Bruised fruits? Beauty standards are a factor in food waste, but change is coming.

    When over 7 tonnes of chicken is discarded daily — the alarming scale of food waste in Asia

    Cities in Asia are losing all kinds of food. And most of this wastage happens even before consumers can make their purchases. In a three-part ...
  5. Food wastage occurring outside a wholesale market in Indonesia.

    Why our food supply chain is flawed, and these champions’ efforts to stop the waste

    It is a battle for produce in countries like India and Indonesia to reach consumers. Up to 40 per cent of food in Asia is lost post-harvest during ...
  6. An urban farm in Singapore, on the rooftop of Raffles City shopping centre.

    From Singapore to Hong Kong, how urban farming can help tackle food waste — but is it enough?

    A disconnect between consumers and their food supply chain has led to wasteful ways in cities like Singapore and Hong Kong. Bringing farming to ...
  7. The Leo 04

    COVID-19: No spike in number of migrant worker suicides, says MOM

    The ministry adds that it is working closely with NGOs, who say the mental state of many migrant workers has been affected by uncertainties over ...
  8. Integration Farrer Park main 2

    Friends from other lands: The unique challenges of international students at one primary school

    One is grappling with English; another with local food; a third takes tuition in her native Russian and Mandarin. At neighbourhood schools like ...
  9. Male preschool teachers main

    Battling stigma and distrust, male pre-school teachers find joy in shaping young minds

    With men making up fewer than 1 per cent of pre-school educators in Singapore, those in the sector may need to work extra hard to prove themselves ...
  10. Tom Iljas and Liong May Swan were not going to wait for Covid-19 to pass before tying the knot.

    A stroke and COVID-19 didn’t stop them marrying at 80. Here’s a lesson in love

    Tom Iljas and Liong May Swan had to cancel their original wedding ceremony owing to COVID-19. So they held the solemnisation in a hospital where ...