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  1. (ry) world new day story - at siti_s

    How Ramadan Diaries series opened minds, homes and hearts

    Inspired by the CNA Insider series on migrant workers, Singaporeans organised open houses to show their appreciation by giving some of them a ...
  2. The male pre-school teacher
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    The male pre-school teacher

    How would you feel about your child having a man for a pre-school teacher? When Lorbert Tay joined the early childhood sector, winning the hearts ...
  3. Male preschool teachers main

    Battling stigma and distrust, male pre-school teachers find joy in shaping young minds

    With men making up fewer than 1 per cent of pre-school educators in Singapore, those in the sector may need to work extra hard to prove themselves ...
  4. MCI PSA Mr Lim looking at sun

    From working atop cranes to handling computers, a ‘dinosaur’ keeps up with change

    At 53, he boldly gave the digital workplace a go, after decades at PSA operating container yard cranes. Switching his cabin in the sky for a ...
  5. Keeping up with change
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    Keeping up with change

    For 30 years, his 'office' was a cabin in the sky, operating the giant shipyard cranes that sang to him. But with port automation, the way of the ...
  6. Who mourns the elderly poor when they die alone? This compassionate 80-year-old does.

    The 80-year-old who cares for the lonely elderly poor, in life and death

    Lim Hang Chung founded a welfare society to provide Chinese medical services, and then realised he could do much more by giving those in need a ...
  7. MCI ITE Elevate lab class

    ‘We’re passing them hope’: The ITE student who found her purpose uplifting others

    Coming out of a low point, teenager Ng Pei Ying was “desperate” to make something of her life - when a pilot project called ELEVATE came along, ...
  8. Sparked to serve: The ITE teen who found purpose in helping others
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    Sparked to serve: The ITE teen who found purpose in helping others

    Adrift and lost, this ITE student was searching for a purpose. She found it in helping others less fortunate, through project ELEVATE - and now, ...
  9. OTRD We are family follow-up

    For three families who broke our viewers' hearts, an outpouring of help

    Their stories about their struggle against rare disabilities struck a chord with readers and viewers, who responded with offers of help of various ...