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  1. Vegetarian rendang? In Padang, an iconic dish gets a healthier update

    Reputed in her village as a 'masterchef', Neni Rahdipa cooks traditional Minang recipes the old-school way her grandma taught her - using wood ...
  2. The boy that once nobody wanted: An orphan finds his true family

    Left on the streets as a babe, abused by his adoptive mother, it took years for Lin Fo Xin to learn to trust again – with a woman who taught him ...
  3. The man who finds treasure, and the secret of happiness, in the trash

    He forages in rubbish to put half-eaten food and still-usable items to good use. In the process, Daniel Tay has found a happier way to live - and ...
  4. Son needed a special school, so they set up one for youths like him

    She gave up her a corporate career and learnt how to be a special needs educator. Now she and her husband provide a safe place for some 200 Muslim ...
  5. More young Singaporeans signing up for dialect classes

    Demand for lessons has shot up in the last two to three years, from those who want to connect with the elderly or their own roots