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  1. My HDB Home Salon
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    My HDB Home Salon

    This HDB flat has a living room, a kitchen, three bedrooms… and a fully equipped hair salon? Every Hari Raya, Winnie’s home salon is abuzz with ...
  2. dp schizophrenia 5

    'Mummy, help me find my soul': Learning to be a mum again, to help fix her child's broken mind

    Life with schizophrenia is not easy, more so if you resent your only parent. But Valerie Liu's salvation was a mum who was ready to make amends ...
  3. Mending What Was Broken: Schizophrenia And A Mother’s Love
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    Mending What Was Broken: Schizophrenia And A Mother’s Love

    Is it ever too late to learn how to be a mother? For years, distrust and absence drove a wedge between career mum Cindy and her daughter. But when ...
  4. inspirasian kelvin wan hope 7

    Once too poor for $1-lunch, hero now rallies a town to bring hope to families

    T-shirt salesman Kelvin Wan used his modest income to help families in Kuching - until his own family couldn’t afford it anymore. Then this CNA ...
  5. The Man Who Brought Hope
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    The Man Who Brought Hope: Kuching town hero an #InspirAsian

    He couldn’t afford a RM3 plate of chicken rice once upon a time - but now he’s rallying townsfolk to support nearly 200 families in need. Read ...
  6. cr Sing Yu 18

    Another year, another victory: Defying the odds to keep their child alive

    Two years ago, doctors advised Sing Yu's parents to take her off life support as - diagnosed with the deadliest form of brain cancer - she didn't ...
  7. A family of fighters: Defying brain cancer
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    A family of fighters: Defying brain cancer

    "Just that two blinks, it's enough." For the parents of 24-year-old Sing Yu - whom doctors three Christmases ago said wouldn't survive long - her ...
  8. CNA Insider: Drumming to Her Dreams thumbnail
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    Drumming to Her Dreams

    What if you were a talented musician who just wanted to make music and run your own studio - but had to leave it all behind to work in Singapore ...
  9. drummer maid 8

    The drummer who became a maid to chase her musical dreams

    Spurred by her mum's dying wish, Indonesian Dewi Nur Fatikah came to Singapore to work and save up for a music career - but it almost meant ...
  10. Unusual Suspects Beatboxer 6

    From 'untameable' teen, to Asia beatbox champ - with dad's belief in him

    Piratheeban Kernabalan lacked focus in school and in life because of his ADHD. Until he found a musical art that called to him and gave him a ...