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June Yong

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Jurong West hawker centre trays

    Commentary: Why is it so hard for us to return our trays at the hawker centre?

    It is time to get serious about this simple civic act and it shouldn’t be just because someone tells us to do it, says June Yong.
  2. Face mask Singapore groceries shopping Cold Storage Orchard Road

    Commentary: The sandwiched generation, with kids and seniors, is staying home most days too in Phase 2

    The fear of catching the virus in crowded places and passing it to the senior at home discourages us from heading out, says June Yong.
  3. Preschool reopen star learners classroom

    Commentary: Are we ready to send our children back to pre-school?

    Parents find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place as younger pre-school children return to school, says June Yong.
  4. Mother feeding her baby at home

    Commentary: Perhaps now, stay-home mums will get the credit they deserve

    The workload of stay-home mothers is far from light and the skills that they have been quietly honing in the background are precisely the ones ...
  5. Mother and baby hand

    Commentary: Confinement without help during COVID-19 – Mums, you're stronger than you know

    Let's accept it is okay to live in a messy house for a month, to not have all the answers and to make mistakes, says June Yong.
  6. People in reusable face masks in Singapore (2)

    Commentary: Singaporeans more adaptable than they give themselves credit for

    The COVID-19 outbreak is changing how Singaporeans approach parenting, education and work, says June Yong.
  7. School students and education (1)

    Commentary: How prepared are parents for suspension of schools if that happens?

    Schools will be reopened as planned after the March holidays but parents, educators and authorities would do well to plan for a scenario of school ...
  8. primary school students first day of school 2018 (2)

    Commentary: As a parent, I worry about my kids and the coronavirus situation. So I’m taking action

    News of the Wuhan coronavirus have created anxiety and fear among parents. June Yong admits she shares some of these sentiments but shares her ...
  9. O level results

    Commentary: Junior college or polytechnic after O-Levels – does it matter?

    It may be a daunting decision to make, but the answer is in knowing what suits you best, says June Yong.
  10. Woman answering and talking on a smartphone

    Commentary: We have totally undervalued late bloomers

    On the back of the release of PSLE results this week, it's time to question this concept of learning as a race against time, says mum June Yong.