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June Yong

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. St Margaret's Primary School

    Commentary: Move by St Margaret’s Primary a test of parents’ ability to deal with change. Will they rise to the challenge?

    Change can be frustrating, but parents should embrace it and adapt to inconveniences, says one parent whose daughter is in St Margaret’s Primary.
  2. primary student

    Commentary: The struggle parents face in picking a 'good school' for their child

    Getting your child into a good primary school remains a preoccupation for most parents, but mother of three June Yong reveals why it doesn’t mean ...
  3. Coldplay sponsors watercraft to help clean polluted rivers in Malaysia

    Commentary: What good will Coldplay’s vessel cleaning up Malaysia rivers do?

    Celebrities may shift public attitudes on environmental issues but putting them in practice will depend on parents, teachers and other role ...
  4. A woman holds her stomach at the last stages of her pregnancy in Bordeaux

    Commentary: The cult of work is eroding the value of parenthood

    The work of homemakers, driven almost entirely by females, often goes unnoticed as much of it occurs in the private domain, says June Yong.
  5. SGBudget2014 - Education & Childcare

    Commentary: Children from low-income families and the power of ‘significant adults’

    Budget 2021 unveiled greater support for lower-income households and families with children with special needs but to get vulnerable children to ...
  6. China primary school students (1)

    Commentary: Here’s what’s wrong with a homework curfew

    News of the Chinese government imposing a curfew on schoolchildren doing homework suggest disturbing, deep-seated issues which have parallels in ...
  7. childcare centre singapore

    Commentary: The dangers of leaving our kids with a childcare centre or babysitter – how real are the risks?

    I’ve experienced my fair share of worry from hiring our first helper to my child’s first experience with a childcare centre, says mum June Yong.
  8. Child playing with water at swimming pool

    Commentary: Swimming deaths – how to build children’s independence without compromising safety?

    Parents are faced with the daily tension between letting go so that the child grows in independence, and knowing when a situation poses grave ...
  9. stock mother 01

    Commentary: How much does age matter in starting a family?

    An older parent can also bring stability into the equation, plus a certain wisdom that is accumulated through diverse life experiences, says mum ...