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  1. McD mobile phone locker

    Commentary: When should children be allowed to have their own mobile phones?

    If you haven’t set clear boundaries about technology use or had conversations about it with your child, then passing junior a phone is likely to ...
  2. Cast member Yeoh poses at the premiere for "Crazy Rich Asians" in Los Angeles

    Commentary: Crazy Rich Asians should stir reflection on what wealth to bestow our kids

    The movie adapted from Kevin Kwan’s best-selling book displays lavish lifestyles but should urge us to think about the legacy we want to leave our ...
  3. Father daughter family Singapore

    Commentary: Afraid your kids will catch HFMD? Don’t let modern day parenting be ruled by fear

    If we want our children to grow up courageous, resilient and independent, then parents must display these values in facing everyday challenges, ...
  4. St Margaret's Primary School

    Commentary: Move by St Margaret’s Primary a test of parents’ ability to deal with change. Will they rise to the challenge?

    Change can be frustrating, but parents should embrace it and adapt to inconveniences, says one parent whose daughter is in St Margaret’s Primary.
  5. Traditional Malaysian honey hunter Zaini Abdul Hamid fixes a ladder to harvest bee nests atop a

    Commentary: A countryside holiday is therapy for a city-bred Singaporean family

    My Singapore born-and-bred kids took away much away from their forest experience on this particular holiday, says a mother of three.
  6. New Content Item

    Commentary: Make full use of the last holiday week to prepare your child for the new school term

    As the new school term approaches, use the remaining holiday time to meet your children's less apparent but no less essential needs, says a mother ...
  7. flowers valentine's day

    Commentary: Mothers, give yourself the best gift this Mother’s Day

    Surely mothers deserve more than an annual token celebration before we all return to reality, says one observer.
  8. classroom student

    Commentary: This mid-year exam season, let children take charge of their learning

    Anxious parents must learn to step back so that our young can step forward and take greater responsibility over their studies, says a mother of three.
  9. super prepared baby 3

    Commentary: Golf classes? What it really takes to raise a future CEO

    Recent news reports highlight the huge amounts of money some parents spend on training for children as young as three to develop social skills and ...
  10. primary school students first day of school 2018 (1)

    Commentary: Applied Learning a good move, but how about some school-life balance first?

    Will there still be enough time for play, tinkering and creativity to flourish in a child's mad-packed schedule? One mother of three discusses the ...