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Andrew Hill

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  1. Commentary: Why you should promise to do less this year

    People typically resolve to accomplish more goals at the start of each year but burying yourself in workaholism muddles your focus, says the ...
  2. Commentary: Blindly following best practice can make lemmings of us all

    Slavishly mimicking good examples may lead leaders and workers to the cliff edge, says the Financial Times’ Andrew Hill.
  3. Commentary: Why we should all feel sorry for corporate leaders

    Chief executives these days are challenged as never before, says the Financial Times' Andrew Hill.
  4. Commentary: Insecure overachiever? You are perfect for the job

    High-flying worrywarts are the reason why top professional services companies are successful, says the Financial Times’ Andrew Hill.
  5. Commentary: Lego's awesomeness and the bias towards studying success

    Lego's success has been overblown. There is always much to learn from its business difficulties, argues the Financial Times' Andrew Hill.