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  1. China's President Xi Jinping says trade with Belt and Road countries has exceeded $5 trillion

    Commentary: Shady practices and soiled hands - can corruption along the Belt and Road be stemmed?

    Beijing needs to demonstrate greater resolve in policing illicit deals along the Belt and Road, says SUSS’ Dr Yew Chiew Ping.
  2. A protester wearing a a T-shirt featuring a Taiwan flag walks past pro-China protesters, during a d

    Commentary: Prospects for China-Taiwan unification? Hear what Taiwanese themselves say

    For instance, polls in Taiwan show the Taiwanese value the ability to choose their leaders, says Singapore University of Social Sciences’ Yew ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: SenseTime surveillance software identifying details about people and vehicles runs as a

    Commentary: Rating citizens - can China’s social credit system fix its trust deficit?

    The gamification of behaviour over the long run may also promote a culture in which good deeds are valued for their attendant incentives and not ...
  4. A man sleeps at a McDonalds outlet in the Kowloon district of Hong Kong

    Commentary: The invisibility of the poor in Crazy Rich Hong Kong

    The complexity in measuring poverty in Hong Kong, as well as the social stigma of poverty, often cloak the destitute in obscurity, says one China ...
  5. Singapore CBD

    Commentary: Behind the brain drain in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan, stymied aspirations and growing rootlessness

    Brain drain is more than an economic issue and there are lessons Hong Kong and Taiwan offer for Singapore, say two observers.
  6. Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong candidate Vincent Cheng celebrates

    Commentary: By-election moves Hong Kong closer to ‘one country, two rubber-stamp legislatures’

    The loss of two seats in the 70-seat Legislative Council has left the pro-democracy camp in a precarious situation, says one observer at the ...
  7. Pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong poses outside the Court of Final Appeal in Hong Kong

    Commentary: Nobel Peace Prize nomination for Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement a barometer of China's power

    China may pressure Norway against granting the Umbrella Movement activists the Nobel Peace Prize but there are limits to its hard power, says one ...