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  1. With the circuit breaker over, safe distancing on public transport is said to be almost impossible.

    As Singapore reopens, public transport’s cleaning regime takes a safety test

    With ridership on trains and buses increasing, what is being done to safeguard commuters from the coronavirus, and are the measures enough? The ...
  2. To help her twin daughters, Jacqueline Ang gave them big soft toys to hug for comfort.

    Navigating taboos, parents grapple with sexual stirrings of children with special needs

    When puberty struck, one conservative mother had to learn to support her girls' sexual development while coming up against the taboo around the topic.
  3. P David Marshel, a municipal councillor in Penang, uncovers shady alcohol in a corner shop.

    From face masks to alcohol, fake goods in Malaysia are putting lives in danger

    Today, counterfeiters are targeting not only luxury brands but a range of goods, and some of the trends are frightening because of the products ...
  4. The SAVH helped Bernard Chew learn to navigate using a white cane and cues from his surroundings.

    In a time of pandemic, the challenges faced by the visually impaired in Singapore

    They have much to overcome in adjusting to the COVID-19 situation. But their circumstances have also differed in several ways, with some of them ...
  5. Testing for Covid-19 is “quite tedious” as CNA Insider discovers in an inside look at how it's done.

    'We can’t afford to make any mistake’: Inside a COVID-19 testing lab in Singapore

    For three months, Tan Tock Seng Hospital has been running tests 24/7 in the face of several challenges, from trying to ramp up capacity to warding ...
  6. Hundreds of patients are checked daily at Singapore's Covid-19 screening centre.

    Inside Singapore’s COVID-19 screening centre, on the front line against the disease

    As the number of cases continues to rise, it is all hands on deck at Tan Tock Seng Hospital and the National Centre for Infectious Diseases, where ...
  7. A photo taken by Subramaniam Pugalandi, a migrant worker in Singapore, with his wife and son.

    'Just pray, very soon I can get well': Migrant workers from dorms battle on

    Some things have changed — while others have not — since the first foreign-worker dormitories were declared to be isolation areas nearly two weeks ...
  8. A room in the S11 Dormitory @ Punggol (Source: Amin Mohamad Al)

    COVID-19: Battling fear and boredom, migrant workers grapple with isolation in dormitories

    What is it like living in an isolation area? With their phones, migrant workers take CNA Insider into their quarters, and talk about how they have ...
  9. People buying food at a supermarket in Singapore amid fears of a disruption to Malaysian supplies.

    Amid sweeping lockdowns, why Singapore’s food supply can endure: Chan Chun Sing

    There will be some delays and adjustments needed, but there is no need for panic buying, says Minister Chan Chun Sing, who also speaks publicly ...
  10. In Indonesia, a country of nearly 270 million people, plastic is everywhere.

    Indonesia stands at the crossroads of a waste crisis and plastics problem

    The country produces nearly 200,000 tonnes of rubbish a day. But with an inadequate waste management system so far, big challenges are looming.