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Michael Henry Yusingco

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  1. Up to 40,000 beachgoers were unwinding on Boracay's sand and swimming in its turquoise waters

    Commentary: The Philippines, home of many beautiful destinations – and the scourge of mass tourism

    The Philippine tourism has been fixated on economic growth. That must change now, says Michael Henry Yusingco.
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    Commentary: ‘He can do no wrong’ Rodrigo Duterte, the president Filipinos still love

    Halfway into Rodrigo Duterte’s presidential term, his air of invincibility is unpunctured, bolstered by a larger number of allies in the senate, ...
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    Commentary: The role of the political elite and the ordinary Filipino in constitutional reform

    Constitutional reform is as much an important political pledge that President Rodrigo Duterte should uphold, as it is a necessary step to engage ...