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Jay L Zagorsky

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  1. A man stocks up with 150 rolls of toilet paper at a store in Los Angeles

    Commentary: There’s plenty of toilet paper in the US – so why are people hoarding it?

    The US manufactures most of its own toilet paper but panic buying has sparked a surge in demand, despite it being abundant, says Jay L Zagorsky.
  2. The United States is now facing a potential coronavirus epidemic

    Commentary: US grapples with the potential impact of quarantines on workers and incomes

    Quarantines will shut down businesses and put hourly workers out of a job, says Jay L Zagorsky.
  3. Christmas gifting charity Freestocks Org

    Commentary: The perfect gift this holiday season? Maybe none at all

    Gift giving is stressful because nobody wants to buy what they think is a perfect gift only to discover it is a dud, says an economist.
  4. dog custumer halloween

    Commentary: Half a billion on Halloween pet costumes? The US’ out-of-control consumerism

    The Palo Alto neighbourhood alone, where Silicon Valley’s tech stars live, is a sight to behold as local moguls try to outdo each other on ...
  5. Traders work on the floor at the NYSE in New York

    Commentary: Wall Street is ignoring the omens of recession

    An economist unravels the seeming contradiction between stocks near record highs and growing fears of a recession.
  6. koala qantas 2

    Commentary: Flying is not fun, which is why I prefer long-haul, direct flights

    I could have actually used a longer flight, says Jay L Zagorsky, who took the world's longest flight recently.
  7. You can eat more christmas cookies than you think

    Commentary: You can enjoy more Christmas treats than you think

    Take a cookie without guilt this Christmas, but only if you know your caloric benchmark, say two observers.
  8. A ticket is seen ahead of the Mega Millions lottery draw which reached a jackpot of $415 Million in

    Commentary: Winning a billion in a lottery could still lead you to bankruptcy

    The lottery’s jackpot has swelled to that eye-watering sum, but research suggests hopeful ticket holders should be careful what they wish for, ...
  9. A woman enjoying a holiday.

    Commentary: Save like an economist when on holiday

    Thinking like an economist can save you some cash while on holiday, says one economist.
  10. bike sharing AMK

    Commentary: Cycling, the third most dangerous sport

    American football remains the first, followed by hockey, says one economist.