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  1. Sauna woman

    Does using the sauna actually help you lose weight? And does it count as cardio?

    Sweating it out in a wooden box doesn't work as a "detox" – but it might have other health benefits, like reducing the risk of heart disease and ...
  2. Avoid mosquito bites insect repellent bug zapper wristband patches

    Dengue cases on the rise: What you need to know to avoid mosquito bites

    With dengue cases hitting its highest level in more than three years, what can you count on to keep the mozzies away: Insect repellent sprays, ...
  3. Star Search 2019 contestants

    Star Search 2019 contestants announced, with Chen Hanwei, Huang Biren and Christopher Lee as mentors

    The 24 contestants, who were picked from 1,200 hopefuls, will undergo a training programme with the three celebrities, and the list will be ...
  4. Star Search 2019 mentors Chen Hanwei Huang Biren Christopher Lee

    ‘I am a tiger mum’: What Star Search contestants can expect from their celebrity mentors

    Star Search 2019 mentors Huang Biren, Chen Hanwei and Christopher Lee dish out some advice and a warning or two to the 24 lucky ones whose journey ...
  5. Brunch healthy

    Is brunch making you fat? This pancake could be 300 calories without toppings

    What about other popular options such as avocado toast, waffles and French toast? CNA Lifestyle got nutritionists to lay out the truth – and offer ...
  6. Motion sickness altitude sickness holiday travel

    How to avoid motion and altitude sickness on your holiday

    Whether you’re travelling in a moving vehicle, or hiking to a lookout point, here’s how to minimise nausea and headache without resorting to medicine.
  7. Noise hearing loss deaf

    Say what? Singaporeans may be losing their hearing as early as their 40s

    Did you hear about hearing loss? No? Ageing is the most common cause – but here's what you're doing that's actually speeding up that process.
  8. Motion sickness nausea dizziness headache car commute

    Do you get dizzy on the bus or taxi ride to work? Here's how to feel better

    Everyday scenarios and non-medicated ways to fend off the nausea and headache caused by motion sickness.
  9. Health checks screenings

    How to convince your stubborn mum and dad to go for a health check-up

    Your parents are getting older but it’s getting hard to convince them to go to the doctor for their annual appointment. We’ve asked some experts ...
  10. Asian flush alcohol drinks friends

    Does your face go red with alcohol? Here’s why you should leave ‘Asian Flush’ alone

    A flushed face might be ruining that Instagram photo on your night out, but the consequences of trying to hide it might be more serious than you ...