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  1. Singapore BTO Open Kitchen ideas Fuse Concept 3

    How to Singapore-proof your open-concept kitchen

    Helpful design tips to maximise your new BTO cooking space – without your cooking ruining everything.
  2. Cockroach phobia

    Cockroach phobia: Why do some people have it and others don't?

    The good news: Overcoming it can be a DIY process if your fear isn't severe.
  3. Birthmark removal

    Living with birthmarks: What are the ones you can and cannot remove

    It's all good if you've made peace with your birthmark. But what if the mole, brown patch or red bump on your face affects your self-confidence ...
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    Is it ok to skip meals, even occasionally? Here's what happens to your body

    You might lose a little weight but there are other health issues to contend with, say experts.
  5. Woman looking out at planes at the viewing gallery

    Travel well: How to avoid jet lag, flatulence and dehydration on long flights

    With non-stop flights going farther and flying longer, CNA Lifestyle finds out from the experts what you can do to stay healthy on the way to your ...
  6. Farting

    What makes farts smelly or noisy? And is it safe to hold these in?

    How many times do you fart in a day? Are men's farts really smellier than women's? CNA Lifestyle asked the experts everything you wanted to know ...
  7. Man executing a deadlift

    Do workouts make your hands and feet feel rough? Here’s how to treat calluses

    Whether you run, climb or do CrossFit, intense physical activities can lead to dry, rough and thick skin. But there are solutions without having ...
  8. Illustration of a woman coughing

    Expert advice: Is your trusty herbal syrup really going to stop your cough?

    What’s the right over-the-counter medication for your persistent cough? Do herbal mixtures work better than conventional cough syrups? CNA ...
  9. Woman in jeans sitting next to a plant

    Is heavy menstrual bleeding normal? And what does eating pineapple have to do with it?

    An expert tells CNA Lifestyle why you might want to have a doctor check it out – and why your mother was right about a certain fruit.
  10. Man's face with half of it blurred

    A stroke can happen at any age – how to recognise the signs and what to do

    1 in 4 people will have a stroke in their lifetime. Other than facial numbness or drooping, find out what the signs are and what you should do ...