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  1. Hero Kelsey Wells

    How Instagram fitness star Kelsey Wells beat post-baby weight – and you can, too

    The social media star and creator of the PWR programme will also be conducting her signature workout in Singapore for the first time at ...
  2. Man boobs breasts gynacomastia

    Keeping abreast of man boobs: When you should see a doctor or hit the gym

    While weight gain is a common cause, there are other medical conditions that can cause men to develop breasts, too.
  3. Tweaks in your daily life for rosacea MAIN image

    Does your face always look red? Here's what you can do to help reduce the blush

    This Rosacea Awareness Month, get the tips to minimise a flare-up.
  4. Tim Senesi

    Yoga on YouTube: What to look out for when following yogi Tim Senesi's videos

    The California-based instructor who hosts his own YouTube channel Yoga With Tim, will be in Singapore on Apr 21 to conduct a free mass yoga session.
  5. Hot coffee oesophageal cancer

    Could your hot drink be putting you at risk of oesophageal cancer?

    CNA Lifestyle tells you why you might want to stay away from piping hot beverages - especially if you smoke or drink alcohol.
  6. Back acne bacne (1)

    Got back acne? Don't sweat it. Here’s how the fitspo crowd can get it off their backs

    Perspiration and tight workout clothes, especially compression wear and sports bras, may be the cause of your back acne or bacne. Find out what ...
  7. health benefits of eating chilli pros and cons CNA Lifestyle 2

    Love chilli? You might be a thrill-seeker – with a lower risk of heart disease

    The wellness pros and cons of enjoying the hot stuff like mala hotpot and chilli padi – and what to do if you're the type of person who can't ...
  8. HPV

    HPV can cause cancers in both genders – so should boys be vaccinated too?

    Experts explain how the vaccine works, and the Ministry Of Health sheds light on why the National Childhood Immunisation Schedule only covers girls.
  9. Men who do yoga

    Yoga not 'masculine' enough for men? It actually helps your MMA game

    Guys, there's more to yoga than sitting on a mat in stretchy pants. Do it right and it helps you lift more in the gym and improves your ...
  10. Nap sleep health cafe

    The benefits of napping – and how to snooze without affecting your sleep at night

    Trying to get the most out of your nap this World Sleep Day (Mar 15)? Try this surprising hack by drinking a cup of coffee or tea before a nap.