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Khoo Bee Khim

Journalist at CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. New Content Item

    What you need to know about fish spas – and who should avoid them

    The fish may be taking away your dead skin – but what infections could they be giving you in return?
  2. New Content Item

    What your poo says about your health

    A change in colour of your stools may point to medical conditions – see your doctor immediately if there is cause for concern.
  3. Woman solo traveller hiking

    From Chiang Mai to Rome: The best places for women to travel alone

    Thinking of going on a holiday by yourself, ladies? CNA Lifestyle lists some of the best destinations and handy tips for a more immersive, ...
  4. Yoghurt eggshells Fleuryo High Calcium Yoghurt Drink

    Fancy a yoghurt drink made with crushed egg shells?

    Nanyang Polytechnic’s egg-shell yoghurt drink and bite-sized frozen yoghurt with Asian flavours were hits at the World Dairy Innovation Awards.
  5. Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences memberships Oscars

    Singapore's Chin Han and Tan Pin Pin among those invited to join the ranks of Oscar-awarding Academy

    Other Asian talents such as Andy Lau, Shah Rukh Khan, Sylvia Chang were also among the 928 invitees.
  6. Sleep circadian rhythm cat yawn

    Struggling to wake up every morning?

    CNA Lifestyle spoke with experts to find out how you can tweak your sleep cycle and be less of a sour puss in the morning.
  7. Hot coffee oesophageal cancer

    Could your hot drink be putting you at risk of oesophageal cancer?

    CNA Lifestyle tells you why you might want to stay away from piping hot beverages - especially if you smoke or drink alcohol.
  8. Extreme Black Tonkotsu Ramen Ramen Bar Suzuki Ramen Revolution

    Ramen fans: 10 limited-edition ramen to try this weekend

    Ramen Revolution 2018 lets you slurp up charcoal-black noodles, taste award-winning chicken broth-based ramen all the way from Japan, and buy ...
  9. Snacking office

    Put down that kueh right now: How to stop snacking in the office

    Find yourself reaching for a doughnut or two every afternoon in the office? You might want to put these down. CNA Lifestyle lists 6 scenarios that ...