Biography of the Author Jo Ellison

Jo Ellison

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. (cr) Harry Morgan Restaurant

    Commentary: We lose more than meals when a loved restaurant shuts for good

    The pandemic has taken a toll on dining establishments which have served customers for decades and when they die, a slice of society’s soul does ...
  2. New Content Item

    Commentary: How to show affection - from a safe distance

    In an attempt to avoid each other, our normal exchanges have become less intimate, but maybe what we need is just that one sign of solidarity, ...
  3. GOT Hero

    Commentary: Stuff the dragons, I’m just here for the spoilers

    If you can’t keep up with box-set culture, start at the end, says Financial Times' Jo Ellison.
  4. New Content Item

    Commentary: Does waking at 5am really help you get ahead in life?

    Does the cult of the early riser still hold? The Financial Times' Jo Ellison dives into the question of whether waking early enhances your work ...
  5. woman on imac at home office desk

    Commentary: How working remotely turned me into a monster

    Flexible working is an unspeakable nightmare. Give me an office any day, says the Financial Times' Jo Ellison.
  6. Mother feeding her baby at home

    Commentary: What happens when your babysitter ignores what you tell her

    Some parents see no reason for their child to socialise, but Financial Times' Jo Ellison appreciates the things her child picks up from others.
  7. marie-kondo-facebook

    Commentary: Marie Kondo has taught me I need 21 pairs of jeans

    Marie Kondo's advice to throw everything that doesn't spark joy out is unnerving, says Financial Times' Jo Ellison.
  8. Why do we still keep schtum about our salaries?

    Commentary: Why are our salaries still a sensitive topic?

    Talking about our salaries with our peers still seems awkward and uncomfortable, Financial Times' Jo Ellison points out.
  9. People using their smartphones waiting for the train.

    Commentary: Save me, I'm a screen zombie

    Financial Times' Jo Ellison shares why Apple's new Screen Time feature doesn't help with her hideous phone addiction, but highlights it.