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  1. mahathir press conference

    Commentary: Malaysia’s new leadership line-up strengthens Mahathir’s hand

    Mahathir Mohamad named three Cabinet ministers and announced the establishment of a Council of Elders on Saturday (May 12), in a move that ...
  2. Asia Default Image

    Commentary: Malaysia’s general elections, an uphill battle for the opposition

    Najib Razak has yet to call the elections. Tricia Yeoh explores the challenges and likely strategies the ruling Barisan Nasional party and the ...
  3. A view of the causeway bordering Malaysia's southern state of Johor Bahru

    Commentary: Work, travel inconveniences may discourage blue-collar Malaysians from returning home to vote

    Train and bus tickets are in shortage, suggesting that many blue-collar Malaysians may not return to their hometowns to vote in Malaysia’s general ...
  4. najib

    Commentary: Are civil servants the biggest winners in Malaysia’s 2018 Budget?

    Many say Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s 2018 budget brought cheer to Malaysian civil servants who form an important voting bloc in an ...
  5. Youth leaders of opposition Pakatan Harapan

    Commentary: Malaysian opposition presents younger array of leaders, amid unhealthy political culture

    Where political culture traditionally favours seniority and age, the opposition has demonstrated efforts to groom and expose younger politicians, ...