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  1. TP plastic bags 1

    Commentary: A case for making plastic bags in Singapore ugly – or even embarrassing

    Singaporeans have come to see plastic bags as an entitlement and an expected part of retail service, says NUS Business School’s Sumit Agarwal.
  2. Singapore Skyline CBD ArtScience Museum

    Commentary: After the Fed’s rate cut, the impact on Singapore and growth

    The fact that the impact might be limited speaks volumes about Singapore's waning reliance on the US, says NUS Business School’s Sumit Agarwal.
  3. New Content Item

    Commentary: Disrupted, India’s future hangs in the balance – and in hands of voters

    But the choice is clear given that Narendra Modi’s bold moves have been largely successful, says NUS Business School’s Sumit Agarwal.
  4. A dog walks past piled-up bicycles of bike-sharing company Ofo in Kunming

    Commentary: The curious case of slick start-ups that tout billion-dollar valuations then rapidly collapse

    The move-fast-and-break-things tech industry is littered with examples of start-ups that became the darling of the moment, yet months later ...
  5. Family Singapore

    Commentary: Consumers feel the pinch of rising interest rates

    Some consumers will find it challenging to make their mortgage payments, say NUS Business School Professor Sumit Agarwal.
  6. Showerhead shower file photo

    Commentary: Beyond price hikes and conservation campaigns, saving water through smart showers

    Conserving water is a national imperative – and how much water you consume while showering can be reduced by as much as almost 20 per cent through ...
  7. airbnb 3

    Commentary: Regulating Airbnb rentals not pressing until numbers grow

    Regulating the sharing economy to accurately price in disamenities can be challenging, but not doing so only serves to kick the can down the road, ...