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  1. A refuge amid the clouds, a luxurious sanctuary in the very heart of the city

    A refuge amid the clouds, a luxurious sanctuary in the very heart of the city

    The airy spaces of South Beach Residences offer a cossetting sanctuary from the daily grind. Brought to you by South Beach Consortium.
  2. Thevar x Kek Menu

    When restaurant savoir faire meets local street food flair

    The Michelin Guide Kitchen Takeover sparks inspiration from chefs of different disciplines for a delicious inaugural collaboration.
  3. Dyson V11 Main

    Four key reasons why the Dyson V11 will change the way you clean your house forever

    With user-first features, Dyson’s most powerful cordless vacuum to date is the next-generation appliance for smart and effective cleaning. Brought ...
  4. Dyson Airwrap Brenda Tan Main

    The one hair tool to rule them all: Dry, curl, smooth and straighten. Bonus: Extreme heat not required

    Influencer Brenda Tan has a secret weapon that gives her the power to look perfect for all occasions. Brought to you by Dyson.
  5. New Content Item

    Gifting guide: Complete your holiday shopping in one fell swoop at Robinsons

    From unique presents for the annual office Secret Santa game to dazzling outfits for the festive party, Robinsons has something for every man, ...
  6. Nespresso Main

    Create treasured moments with Nespresso’s range of Nordic-inspired festive coffees

    Nespresso launches three limited-edition coffee blends to help you create Nordic moments of indulgence this festive season. Let delicious brews ...
  7. ADV Elixir

    The first step to getting lustrous healthy tresses this festive season? Try exfoliating your scalp

    PHS HAIRSCIENCE’s signature bestseller, the ADV Elixir, uses patented stem cell ingredients and pure botanicals to target scalp issues and support ...
  8. Dyson PCM Stock

    Don’t leave fresh air to chance: Here’s how you can create a zone of clean air around you and your loved ones

    A personal purifier fan like the Dyson Pure Cool Me helps you ensure a space that’s clean, cool and absolutely refreshing. Brought to you by Dyson.
  9. Asus Scenario Woman

    Navigate the business world with ease with the ASUS ExpertBook B9 laptop

    With its sleek design, powerful hardware and enterprise-grade security, it may change how you view business laptops.
  10. Pheniks Stock

    Not just for women: Modern aesthetic treatments that break gender stereotypes

    Traditional perceptions of gender-specific beauty are fast becoming outdated, shares Dr Low Chai Ling, founder and medical director of SW1 Clinic.