Biography of the Author Nitin Pangarkar

Nitin Pangarkar

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Singapore Airlines plane takes off from Zurich airport

    Commentary: We must save Singapore Airlines from this existential crisis

    Amid questions concerning how much more Singapore Airlines may have to lay off staff and cut costs, NUS Business School Associate Professor Nitin ...
  2. In Singapore, Grab cut driver incentives after its merger with Uber.

    Commentary: We got to know Grab for its transport business. That will soon change

    Grab’s ambition to become a regional superapp has taken it in several new directions, many more attractive than the transport business, says NUS ...
  3. Grab vs Gojek file photo collage

    Commentary: Impact of Grab-Gojek merger on consumers and drivers unlikely to be huge

    Concerns over predatory, monopolistic behaviour may be overstated given how the consumer is king in the ride-hailing, food delivery and digital ...
  4. google search bar

    Commentary: Help, I love tech monopolies!

    A longtime user of Google, NUS Business School’s Nitin Pangarkar says Google’s monopoly might actually be a phenomenon society ought to embrace.