Biography of the Author Gregor Lim-Lange

Gregor Lim-Lange

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. (cr) Separated by Covid

    Commentary: A precious chance to see my ageing mother in Germany after being separated by COVID-19

    The pandemic has been particularly cruel to families separated by distance – with borders closed and travel tedious and costly, some never have ...
  2. Students attending a class at a primary school

    Commentary: Want to raise a responsible child (or nation)? Create a safe space first

    Singaporeans need a mindset of radical ownership to thrive in the fourth industrial revolution, says Forest Wolf’s Crystal Lim-Lange and Dr Gregor ...
  3. zoom call

    Commentary: Do you really want to work from home forever like some Twitter employees can?

    What are some ways to figure out if remote working permanently is for you? Forest Wolf’s Crystal Lim-Lange and Gregor Lim-Lange give their take.
  4. file photo phone woman 2

    Commentary: Multitasking, a real productivity killer

    A battle is being waged today for your attention. Make sure you win it, says NUS Centre for Future-ready Graduates’ Dr Gregor Lange.