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  1. dirty messy work desk

    Commentary: Our workspaces at home are wholly inadequate for work

    Many employees don't even have a desk, or a clean place with fresh air and sunlight, say observers.
  2. zoom call

    Commentary: Let’s face it. Zoom meetings are exhausting

    Zoom video conferencing has been lauded but having giant heads staring at us up close for long periods can be off-putting, say observers.
  3. dirty messy work desk

    Commentary: Our workplaces are filthy and it’s costing us all

    Many workers fail to follow etiquette in offices that practice hot-desking, making it challenging to keep offices clean, says one observer.
  4. open plan open space office crew and collective cafe montreal canada

    Commentary: Open-plan offices don’t work – it's distracting and lacks privacy

    Open-plan offices can make us less focused, and ironically, less sociable, which can lead to less collaboration, says one observer.
  5. New Content Item

    Commentary: Why a nice office alone won’t attract millennials to your company

    Funky design features in the workplace are popular perks employers use to attract job-seekers, but interesting work and the quality of management ...