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Eveline Gan

Journalist at CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Life lessons from athletes on overcoming COVID-19 uncertainty

    Life lessons from athletes on overcoming COVID-19 uncertainty

    Three sportspeople – endurance athlete Cheryl Tay, national boxer Leona Hui and mixed martial arts fighter Stephen Langdown – share their top tips ...
  2. Tips on how to stay positive and engaged while working from home

    4 expert tips on how to stay positive and engaged while working from home

    Whether you like it or not, working from home is now a reality and is likely to stick around for some time. A positive psychology expert shares ...
  3. Cheryl Wee

    How ‘mumpreneur’ Cheryl Wee juggles multiple roles during circuit breaker

    Society fixture, mother-of-two, and founder of weight management firm Cheryl W, Cheryl Wee is expanding her company’s online presence and finding ...
  4. Ase Wang

    Postponed wedding, self-isolation: How Ase Wang is coping amid COVID-19

    The Singaporean actress-model, who is based in Bangkok, held back her wedding plans and only leaves her house to get necessities like groceries ...
  5. Business continuity planning for pandemic

    Not business as usual: What are companies doing to prepare for future pandemics?

    How should businesses protect their bottom line while prioritising employees’ safety and health? And in the event of a second or third wave of ...
  6. Loneliness during the festive season

    Unhappy Holidays: Coping with loneliness over the festive season

    It’s the holidays but not everyone is jolly. For lonely hearts, the festive season can bring on feelings of gut-wrenching loneliness. Find out how ...
  7. Singapore doctor International SOS

    Meet the Singaporean doctor helping businesses navigate the pandemic

    As medical director for International SOS, Dr Low Kiang Wei and his team have spent the past few months working tirelessly with organisations to ...
  8. Early retirement planning

    Anxiety, lethargy, loneliness: When early retirement doesn’t live up to expectations

    Planning to retire in your 40s? Be sure to factor in psychological planning to stay engaged and bolster your mental health.