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Anjana Ahuja

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. APTOPIX Virus Outbreak Vaccine Rhode Island

    Commentary: Should COVID-19 doses be split to cover more people?

    Veering off-script in the COVID-19 vaccine rollout may just be in the public interest, says Anjana Ahuja.
  2. Workers in Manila return to work after lockdown eases

    Commentary: The road to a COVID-19 vaccine is long and narrowing

    COVID-19 is still an immunological mystery. It is not clear which parts of the immune system are triggered by the virus for some people, nor why ...
  3. Park staff paint circles to help visitors maintain social distancing

    Commentary: Safe distancing matters, but is no magic number to keep us safe from COVID-19

    A fixation on specific distances encourages a false, binary distinction between safety and danger, says Anjana Ahuja.
  4. More than 100 labs around the world are scrambling to come up with a vaccine

    Commentary: Infecting volunteers with COVID-19 may speed up vaccine development

    The idea of intentionally infecting people in the quest for a vaccine is not alien to medical research, says Anjana Ahuja.
  5. A medical official stands outside a tent for patients infected by the coronavirus in Czestochowa

    Commentary: COVID-19 could force difficult choices on health systems

    COVID-19 presents a defining challenge for any government, says the Financial Times’ Anjana Ahuja.
  6. A man wears protective mask following the outbreak of a new coronavirus, during their morning commu

    Commentary: When it comes to coronavirus, men are more vulnerable

    Sex differences in immune function appear to start right out of the womb, says an observer.
  7. Hospitals in Wuhan, the epicentre of the virus outbreak, are overwhelmed

    Commentary: Why the Wuhan virus situation could get worse soon

    The Wuhan virus has been circulating longer than first thought and has a higher reproduction rate, says the Financial Times' Anjana Ahuja.
  8. Hong Kong has stepped up monitoring and infection controls in its hospitals as a mystery viral

    Commentary: China's Wuhan pneumonia outbreak stirs debate over costly virus hunting

    Experts are divided over whether the Global Virome Project, dedicated to cataloguing viruses, merits its US$3 billion price tag, says the ...
  9. New Content Item

    Commentary: The world is running out of sand

    We are spending the world's 'sand budget' faster than it can be replenished, says Financial Times' Anjana Ahuja.
  10. New Content Item

    Commentary: Why excessive gaming is a mental health condition

    The World Health Organisation's recognition of gaming disorder as a mental health disorder paves the way for other Internet-related disorders to ...