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  1. Talking Point host Steven Chia asks three youngsters how they feel about their parents 'sharenting'.

    Embarrassing and risky: When parents share too much of their children online

    ‘Sharenting’ has become a social phenomenon, but what do youngsters have to say about it? What is at stake? Talking Point finds out.
  2. Ms Diana Ser immersed herself as a teacher's assistant in two pre-schools for a week.

    Why it's still so hard to have more early childhood educators in Singapore

    The clock is ticking for the pre-school sector, with an extra 3,000 teachers needed by 2020. Despite steps to make the profession more attractive, ...
  3. TP durian glut 4

    Dirt cheap today, will mao shan wang durians get scarce next year as China muscles in?

    Malaysia’s durian glut has led to even the premium mao shan wang hitting a low of S$10 a kg, but the good times may soon be over, as programme ...
  4. (dn) TP utilities main

    10 ways to slash your bill as water and electricity prices rise

    From recycling water from the washing machine, to switching to LEDs, Talking Point gets expert tips to help three households reduce their ...
  5. TP plastic bags 1

    The monstrous scale of plastic bag wastage in Singapore

    Do Singaporeans know the extent of the resources needed to fuel their plastic bag usage, and the amount of bags that is wasted? Talking Point ...
  6. TP underage smoking 7

    Underage smokers: The ease of getting cigarettes put to the test

    A third of smokers aged 18 to 21 started when they were 14 or younger. Talking Point goes undercover to find out how easy it is for teens to get ...