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Sharifah Fadhilah Alshahab

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  1. DFM instagram seniors cedric and granddaughters

    The loneliness of old age - and an experiment to see if Instagram can be a cure

    One lonely cancer patient wanted friends to know she was “still here”; a former sprinter didn’t know how to interest his grandchildren in his ...
  2. DMUI petrol attendant 13

    Heartache and duty: At 77, the petrol pump attendant who must keep working

    One of the oldest workers at his petrol station, Mohamed Yasin works hard to keep up with the demands of his job, which is far more than just ...
  3. WIM dirty money 3

    This is how dirty your money is

    Banknotes in Singapore were tested for bacteria, and the results were not comforting, as Why It Matters discovers.