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Edson C Tandoc Jr

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  1. A forwarded message claiming gargling warm water with salt or vinegar can wash down the coronavirus.

    Commentary: Forwarding a WhatsApp message on COVID-19 news? How to make sure you don’t spread misinformation

    There are a few ways to spot potential misinformation when you receive forwarded messages, say Edson C Tandoc Jr and Mak Weng Wai.
  2. A woman wearing a protective mask uses a smartphone as she travels on a bus during rush hour, after

    Commentary: How to stay sane in a time of COVID-19 information overload

    Increased media use in the time of COVID-19 might expose individuals to misinformation as well as information that might increase their anxiety, ...
  3. There's a four-step guide to creating fake news Macedonian-style, according to trolls in Veles.

    Commentary: On falsehoods, clumsy corrections might backfire

    Corrections also cannot tackle deep-seated biases and beliefs that enabled the falsehood to thrive in the first place, says NTU Wee Kim Wee School ...
  4. working office laptop smartphone woman typing

    Commentary: Would you know if you’ve been fed a deliberate online falsehood? Probably not

    Nanyang Technological University’s Edson C Tandoc Jr sheds light on why tackling deliberate online falsehoods is an uphill climb that deserves ...