Biography of the Author Au Yong May Lin

Au Yong May Lin

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. South Korean households are the most indebted in Asia, but they are still splashing out.

    Rich, but household debt is growing: A time bomb for South Korea?

    South Korean households are piling up debt for various reasons, from overspending on credit cards to unemployment to gambling losses. The ...
  2. For every baby found abandoned, experts reckon that many more cases go unreported.

    Poor sex education, social exclusion leading mums in Malaysia to abandon babies

    The country is grappling with the problem of baby dumping as confused and fearful women struggle with various restrictions, from sex education to ...
  3. One of the top 10 viral videos on YouTube in 2018, from YouTuber Nastya, with 850 million views.

    ‘He’d physically hit me’: What lies behind those child and animal viral videos

    Ever watched videos of children performing a feat, or funny cat videos? Some of their creators go to great lengths you may not have imagined. The ...