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  1. Singapore vote

    Commentary: So what if the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee’s report is out?

    It's a mixed report card for the announced boundary changes with respect to contestability, but it may be COVID-19 that is the game-changer for ...
  2. Singapore General Election 2015

    Commentary: A transitional General Election handing over to the 4G will soon be under way

    Singapore’s 13th election will centre on her third political leadership transition, says Terence Lee.
  3. Lee Hsien Loong Cabinet reshuffle Facebook photo

    Commentary: Singapore’s changing of the guard has three possible scenarios

    One observer offers his take on what might be happening behind the scenes following the Cabinet reshuffle announced two weeks ago.
  4. Singapore Parliament in session. File photo: TODAY

    Commentary: The public looks to size up the next Prime Minister, whoever he is

    The trouble isn’t that there aren’t good candidates, it’s that the public hasn’t had more opportunities to size them up, says one observer.