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Mark Tay

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Tiercons oak casks used in making Remy Martin's Louis XIII cognac

    Why does a bottle of Louis XIII cognac cost almost S$5,000? The answer lies in time itself

    CNA Luxury travels to Cognac, France, to see firsthand how Remy Martin is embarking on creating future history – and prized a spirit we won’t be ...
  2. Russian bathhouse Sanduny banny venik

    Naked in a Moscow bathhouse: A Singaporean lives to tell

    One man’s tale of being whipped by foliage in full view of Russian strangers – while wearing nothing but a funny hat.
  3. gin and tonic

    Love a good gin and tonic? Time to up your game

    Go beyond the usual house pour gin and raise the bar at home with these bottles of botanical goodness.
  4. The Macallan distillery Scotland 5

    Whisky tourism: An exclusive look at Macallan's new S$250m distillery

    CNA Lifestyle toured the brand new facility on the single malt whisky label's famed Easter Elchies estate, fulfilling the dream of whisky fans ...
  5. japanese whisky highball cocktails_mod

    The simple but ingenious reason the Japanese love drinking those highballs

    It's all about unwinding at izakayas without getting too boozed up before heading home. And now the humble highball serve is gaining fans in ...
  6. World Cup Party Hacks Kutan Ural Unsplash

    World Cup party hacks: How to have people over with minimum fuss

    Your friends are coming over to watch the match but you haven’t done any prep. Don’t worry, CNA Lifestyle has cobbled together some simple tricks ...
  7. Rye & Pint Brewery craft beers

    The Chinese New Year guide to responsible day-drinking

    If you’re serving booze at your party, here’s how to enjoy yourselves without starting the Year of the Dog with someone in the doghouse
  8. Johnnie Walker group

    What whisky should you bring to your boss’ house vs a CNY party with friends?

    Or maybe a bottle of cognac or rum? Here’s a helpful guide to finding the right spirits for the right people this festive season